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Interpretation on national standards
Familiar with the national standards about fire alarm and early warning system, fully understanding the detailed contents of the national standards, provide customers provisions and regulations needed. In-depth interpretation based on actual project experience, provide customers with technical support and help in accordance with the national standards.

Drawing optimization design

On the basis of the original drawing without affecting the design idea of the original drawing, looking into the actual situation of the construction site, customer demand and our company's product characteristics, supplement and optimize the details of the drawing, specify the product model and system configuration, ensure the drawing executable, and help smooth construction.

Solution design

An accurate and up-to-date solution is essential to effective and safe construction. Jade Bird Fire based on the drawing design intention and project needs, provide fire alarm and early warning system solutions, supporting construction personnel effectively.

Direct consulting

We have a continuing well-earned reputation of quick responding to customer needs, including explaining the details of the drawings, answering basic product questions, and introducing effective solutions. We are committed to the needs of our customers, putting in our expertise and providing timely and comprehensive customer support.