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Two-wire, non-polar, no need for DC24V, cross-loop and cross-machine alarm display, importing address notes by USB flash drive.
Fire Repeat Panel
JBF5061 fire repeat panel is used to duplicate fire alarm information for reporting it on a floor or in a fire zone. When the fire alarm control panel reports an alarm, it simultaneously transmits the alarm signal to the fire repeat panel in the corresponding fire zone, which displays the relevant alarm information and makes alarm notification (sound). The design, production and verification of JBF5061 conform to the requirements of GB 17429-2011 “Fire Indicating Panel”.
Product Features
•  Can connect to all current fire alarm control panel of Jade Bird Fire. 192 x 64 dot matrix liquid crystal screen displays information in rich, clear and effective form.
•  Two-wire loop connection, addressing range 201-215.
•  Report alarm information from its loop, other loops and loops of other networking fire alarm control panels.
•  Time and date automatically synchronize with the control panel; no separate settings are required.
•  During commission, onlyset the address number. The loop number and machine number can be automatically obtained from the control panel and displayed in the standby page, which gives clear location to the user.
•  Import Chinese address notes (the same of the control panel, no extra compile needed) directly from the U disk. The fire repeat panel identify U-disk automatically.
•  Alarm address settings are the same with auto-control program compiling, making commission quick and easy.
•  Automatically identify the alarm type, and only display fire alarm information. Fire hydrant button and module control information aren’t displayed (for input module information to be displayed, the module needs to be set to relay module type). Automatically identify MCP, no need to set them separately.
•  With Chinese and English display switching function. 


ItemTechnical parameters
Operating voltageDC17V-28Vmodulation type, provided by control panel;
WireL1&L2, polarity-free;
Monitor current≤1.5mA(DC24V)
Alarm current≤4mA(DC24V)
Operating temperature-10…+50℃
Relative humidity≤95%(40±2℃)
Addressing methodSet by keypads on the repeat panel
Address range201-215
Communication distanceMaximum: 1000m(RVS2x1.5mm2)
IndicatorsFire (red), first alarm (red), MCP (red), data (red), operation (green), silence (red);
Applied standardGB 17429-2011
Installation and Wiring
•  Terminals L1 and L2 are connected to the loop without distinguishing polarity.
•  When installing, first secure the base to 86 box, and then mount the fire repeat panel on it.