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Used with wireless home fire alarm loop. Use RF radio frequency communication technology to connect home fire alarm control panel, AC220Von-site power supply, alarm sound > 80db with  LED lights flashing
Sounder Beacon
Form wireless home fire alarm system with the panel. In case of fire in public places, the panel issues a fire alarm command, and the wireless sounder beacon gives a high-decibel alarm, and the LED light flashes.
Applicable to indoor (non-residential) public places, such as hotel rooms, office buildings, libraries, cinemas, post offices, etc.

Product Features
•   Built-in microprocessor
•   Adopt SMT process
•   Adopts 220V power supply. Wiring does not distinguish polarity, easy to install. No other wiring is needed except for the power line. 
•   Connect to JB-QB-JBF5021 control panel (hereinafter referred to as the panel) manufactured by the company through RF radio frequency communication technology, forming the fire alarm system.
•   The visual transmission range is of 260m (open environment).

Technical Data
Rated voltageAC220V
Alarm current≤2mA
Sound pressure level80.0dB~100.0dB (A weighting)
Modulation cycle2.0s~4.0s
Flash frequency1.5Hz~2.0Hz
Operating temperature-10—+55℃
Relative Humidity≤93%RH (40±2℃)
Applied placesIndoors(not residential)

Structure and Dimensions
Appearance and installation dimensions (with installation base)

Installation steps
(1) After wiring, fix the power base of the wireless sounder alarm on the wall with 60mm mounting hole spacing.
(2) The wireless sounder alarm needs to be installed on the base and registered on the panel before use.
(3) The power line connect to terminal L and N. After installation, put on the protective piece before proceeding to the next step.
(4) After the installation of the sounder beacon within the effective communication distance, open the information receiving page on the panel (see the panel manual for specific instruction for operation mode). Press the built-in button on the side of L1 terminal for three times to send registration information (the position of the button is shown below). While pressing, the indicator should be lit. If the registration is successful, the light will stay on for 1s as a sign.
(5) After successful registration, when the panel has fire alarm information, the wireless sounder beacon gives alarm signals. When the panel resets, the device resets too.
(6) If you do not want to use the device with its registered panel anymore, unregistered the sounder beacon on the panel first, then proceed to delete the device as the following steps: click and press the registration button 3 times within 5 seconds, with the third time pressing lasting longer than 10s. The indicator will flash twice as a prompt for successful deletion. Please proceed with caution. After deletion, the sounder beacon is no longer receiving the start and stop command from the panel. You need to register it again.
The installation, commission and acceptance should follow “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Automatic Fire Alarm System”

•   Tighten the power wires to prevent the wire head from loosening, which may cause the wireless sounder beacon irresponsive.
•   After wiring, please be sure to put the power protective piece in place before the next step.
•   Beware of electric shock. The company shall not be liable for any electric shock caused by incorrect installation of the power protective piece.
•   Regular maintenance and calibration
•   Conduct activation test, 
recommended every six months.