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JBF5174-Ex fire sounder beacon is used in JBF-11SF and JBF50XX fire alarm systems. When a fire occurs in a public place, the control panel sends out an alarm command, and the fire sounder beacon gives out a high-decibel alarm, and the LED flashes. The product is intrinsically safe, and with the explosion-proof barrier, it can be installed indoors in non-residential hazardous areas I and II, for example, the petrochemical zone. The safety barrier must have [Exib Gb] IIC or above certificates.

1.1  Product features

1.2  Applied scope


1.3  Naming of model


2Operation Theory

The fire sounder beacon consists of two-wire bus contacts, alarm circuit, LED circuit and processing circuit. When fire occurs, the control panel sends fire alarm command, and the sounder beacon gives out sound alarm and its LED flashes.

3Technical Data

Environment features
Working temperature-10~+55℃
Storage temperature-20~+65℃
Relative humidity≤95% (no condensation)
Explosion proof
Explosion-proof markEx ib IIC T6 Gb
Explosion-proof certificate numberCE20.2769X
Electrical features
Working voltageDC18V-28V, modulation type, provided by control panel (must connect safety barrier)
Monitoring current≤ 205μA
Alarm current≤ 6mA (DC24V)
Intrinsic safety parametersUi=28V  Ii=93mA  Ci=50pF  Li=0mH  Pi=1.0W
SPL75.0dB~115.0dB (DC24V, A weight)
Tone cycle4.0s~5.0s
Flashing frequency1.0Hz~1.5Hz
Communication features
WiringTwo wire (polarity-free)
Address range1~200
Addressing methodElectronic encoding
Maximum communication distance1000m
Connect to JBF-11SF series control panel, JBF50XX series control panel
Mechanical features
AppearancePANTONE T085-2-1 transparent red
Housing materialPC (front cover) +ABS (base)
WeightAbout 185g
DimensionsΦ100mm×H52mm (base included)
IP gradeIP34
Fire certificate, Explosion-proof certificate
Applied standards
1)GB 26851-2011 “Audible and/or visual fire alarm signaling appliances”
2)GB 3836.1-2010 “Explosive atmospheres - Part 1: Equipment-General requirements”
3)GB 3836.4-2010 “Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres Part 4: General requirements”


4.1  Installation steps

Figure 1 Appearance and Dimensions
Figure 2 Wiring
Notes: the parameters of the barrier should follow:
Ui≥Uo, Ii≥Io, Pi≥Po, Ci+Cc≤Co, Li+Lc≤Lo;
Cc, Lc: The cable (or wire) connecting the safety gate to the alarm allows the total distribution of capacitance and inductance. See GB 3836.4-2010 standard for the detailed meaning of other symbols.

4.2  Commissioning

Working modeSpecial addressesNotes
Sounder Beacon201 
Alarm soundSpecial addressesNotes
StatusSpecial addressesNotes
Reset to factory default208Sounder beacon, addressable


The control panel reports faultLoop is not correctly connectedCheck the wiring. 
The address of the sounder beacon is not the same as the one in the engineering software.Write address to the product following the project engineering software. 
Unable to register the deviceThe device is not addressed.Address the device using encoder. 
Loop is not correctly connectedCheck the wiring. 
Address number is out of rangeAddress range: 1-200 

6Maintenance and Repair


7Out-of-box Checking

The package should have the following items:
Fire sounder beacon75 pics/Package (no base)
Manual 8 pieces/Package
After opening the package, please check the appearance and functions of the product. Should there be any loss or damage to the sounder beacon, please contact us soon. Once determined that the damage is not caused by human factors, we will replace it for the customer immediately.


Warning: The housing material of the product is plastic. There is risk of electrostatic charge. Please wipe with a wrung-out wet cloth when cleaning to avoid friction.
To avoid ignition risk caused by electrostatic charge, it’s strongly advised not to touch or clean the product in the dangerous zone. Make sure such conducts to be carried out in a place with good ventilation and no gas leakage, and wipe the outside with a wrung-out wet cloth. Do not use dry cloth to wipe.