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Heat detector
Product Features
•   Embedded intelligent MCU inside for field data collection and analysis.
•   The detection type is A2R with fixed temperature & rate-of-rise alarm report.
•   Fast response of temperature change with the glass-packaged temperature sensor.
•   It can output ADC data (temperature curve) to control panel. The temperature change can be monitored on the control panel.
•   Robust design for HW filter; prevent electromagnetic interference.
•   Strong resistanceto corrosion, critical environmental (heat and humidity) and light outside.

 Technical Data

Working voltageDC19V-28V (typical DC24V)
Working temperature-10…+55℃
Storage temperature-30…+75℃
Relative humidity≤95%
Monitoring current≤0.3mA(24V)
Alarm current≤30mA(24V)
Alarm volume75dB~95dB (24V)
Modulation cycle2s
IndicatorFlashin normal monitoring state; Steady-on (red) in alarm states
WiringFour wires
--L1 & L2 for loop connection - polarity-free;
24V & G for DC24 input
Protecting area20-30m2
Applied standardGB4715-2005 “Point type smoke fire detector”

Installation and Wiring
1) Fix the base on the wall (JBF-VB4302A base).
2) Connect the wires from panel to the terminals L1& L2. It's polarity-free.Connect DC24V+ to terminal 24V& 24V- to G.
3) Burn ID to the detector and then mount it to the base;tighten it clockwise.

Prior to installation, write the detector and its buzzer base the same address code (1-200).The base address must be the same as that of the smoke detector attached to the base (note: the beeping base address cannot be read by the encoder).
As no ID for the buzzer base, it cannot be registered to panel or triggered without detector mounted.
The installation should be operated with gloves to keep the detector clean.
It is recommended to add dust-protection cover before the inspection and acceptance, but the dust cover must be removed before the formal operation of the system.
Conduct smoke test regularly, ideally every six months.