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Two-wire, non-polar, no need for DC24V, cross-loop and cross-machine alarm display, Chinese/English switchable.
Fire Repeat Panel
Product Features
•  Compatible with JB fire control panel; segmented digital display.
•  Report alarm information from loop devices, including local loop, other loops in same panel and from network panels.
•  Automatically synchronize Time and date with the panel; no extra setting needed.
•  During commissioning, only set the address number for repeat panel. The loop number and machine number can be automatically obtained from the control panel and displayed in the standby page, which gives clear location to the user.
•  Automatically identify the alarm type, only display fire alarm information. Automatically identify MCP and display the information from MCP.
•  Fire hydrant button and module control information aren't displayed (can set the module as relay type if user wants to display information from module.
•  Two-wire connection; signal loop is polarity-free. Low power consumption, communication distance 1500m; one loop can connect to up to 15 fire repeat panels. 

Technical Data

ContentTechnical parameters
Working voltageDC18V-27V modulation type, provided by control panel
Loop WiringTwo-wire, polarity free
Working temperature-10~+50℃
Storage temperature-20~+55℃
Relative humidity≤95%
Monitoring current≤1mA(24V)
Activation current≤3mA(24V)
Radiation Immunity level30V/M
indicatorFire (red), first alarm (red), MCP (red), data (red), silence (red), operation (green);
Addressing methodOperate on the panel with keypad
Addressing range201-215
Communication distance1500m
Applied standardGB 17429-2011 “Fire Indicating Panel”
1) First install the base to 86 embedded box.
2) Signal loop L1 and L2 connect to terminals L1, L2, polarity-free. The loop should adopt ZR-RVS-2×1.5mm2.
3) Mount the repeat panel onto the base.
Installation and Dimensions 
•  Terminals L1 and L2 are connected to the loop without distinguishing polarity.
•  When installing, first secure the base to 86 box, and then mount the fire repeat panel on it.