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Combined Smoke and Heat Detector

Product Features
•   Combined smoke and heat detector, two independent detection type that do not interfere with each other, but the detector only takes one address.
•   Embedded microprocessor, collect, store, analyze and determine data by itself.
•   Strong anti-interference ability, dust adhesion resistant, anti-electromagnetic interference, temperature effect resistant, corrosion resistant, light source interference resistant.
•   Strong resistance to heat and humidity and very creative design of diversion channel. The detector can meet the requirements of different environments.
(1) smoke sensing part of the composite detector:
A. Automatic pollution compensation. Minimize false alarm based on the level of pollution and its relating automatic compensation.
B. It is applicable to a wide range of materials. The detector respond to white smoke and black smoke produced by combustion of different materials.
(2) heat sensing part of the composite detector:
A. Single NTC temperature sensitive resistor with fast temperature response. Software to determine the difference between temperature rising rate and constant temperature characteristics.
B. Output temperature curve, which can be checked on the control panel to know the field temperature change.
•   Applicable to hotel rooms, office buildings, libraries, theaters, postal building and other public places. High relative humidity may lead to smokeless fire. Suitable for places where smoke detector and temperature detector can be installed at the same time.

Technical Data
Working temperature-10…+50℃
Storage temperature-20…+50℃
Relative humidity≤95%(40±2℃)
Monitoring current≤0.3mA(24V)
Alarm current≤0.8mA(24V)
IndicatorFlashes in monitoring state, constant on when alarms
DimensionsΦ100mm×53mm(with base)
Addressing methodUse special encoder
Address range1-200
Protecting area20-30m2
WiringTwo-wire, no polarity
Maximum communication distance1500m
Applied standard(s)GB4715-2005 “Point type smoke fire detector”
GB4716-2005 “Point type heat fire detector”

Installation and Wiring
1) Adopt ZR-RVS-2 ×1.5mm2 twisted pair cable is adopt, and the two-wire bus in the loop connect to the terminals L1 and L2, regardless of polarity.
2) Use a special electronic encoder to set the address (1-200) for the detector.
3) Mount the detector on the base and tighten it clockwise.

Structure and installation diagram

•   Before installation, a special electronic encoder should be used to address the detector.
•   The installation should be operated with gloves to keep the detector clean.
•   Conduct smoke test regularly, ideally once every six months.