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Electrical Fire Monitoring Equipment

Product Features

1. Using two-wire data transmission, the system is stable and reliable. No power cable is needed for field devices, making wiring easy;
2. Equipment is of high resolution 7-inch color LCD screen, information-rich, beautiful display. The user interface introduces GUI design, making direct, friendly human-computer interaction;
3. Multilevel password management enables different levels of operational permission.
4. Real time clock provides accurate time record for events, writing year, month, day, hour, minute, and second. Storage can save up to 100000 pieces of historical information.
5. The equipment supports upload and download data in PC/USB and other ways.
6. The loop protocol supports "conflict avoidance" and "preemption".
7.The equipment can connect with any control panel of Jade Bird Fire. The system supports network formed by up to 99 control panels/equipment.
8.Online check can find devices written the same address by mistake, and can reset their addresses.
9. Long distance communication, the maximum transmission distance for field devices is1500meters.
10.Mini printer, print monitor equipment status information in real time, users can choose information categories to print what they need.

Technical Data

Product nameElectrical Fire Monitoring Equipment
StandardGB14287.1-2014: Electrical Fire Monitoring System – Part 1: Electrical Fire Monitoring Equipment
CapacitySingle loop, 252 addresses
NetworkSupports network of up to 99 control panels/equipment
Aux outputThere are two public sets of passive contact output, fault information and alarm information, on the loop board.
Power supplyMain Power: AC220V Frequency: 50±1Hz
Power capacitySystem Power Supply:24V/2A, Auxiliary Power Supply: 24V/3A
Working environmentTemperature: -10℃~+50℃
Relative humidity: ≤93%
Sound pressure≥70dB
Dimensions440mm×125mm×540mm (LxWxH)
Protection gradeIP30


Electrical fire monitoring equipment JBF-61S30 consists of: display board, loop board, power supply, battery, etc.

1) Display Board: JBF-61S-AC805
2) Loop Board: JBF-61S-LA1 The single loop has the capacity of 252 addresses. The loop board receives status signal of the power supply. Fault signal is monitored by the power supply itself. The loop board has 2 pairs of outputs.

Appearance and Dimensions


Equipment Capacity

The system configuration of JBF-61S30 monitoring equipment is of 1 loop board, 1 display board, 1 power supply and 1 battery. A single loop is of 252 address points. The monitoring equipment can connect with residual current electrical fire detector JBF6180, JBF6181, and heat monitoring electrical fire detector JBF6119. Thesystem operates stably with any kind of combination of the above detectors.