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Combustible Gas Alarm Panel
JB-TT-JBF-51S40 combustible gas alarm control panel (hereinafter referred to as control panel) is in accordance with GB 16808 national standards for research, development and production of combustible gas control panel. The panel can be equipped with a variety of gas detectors, modules, alarm appliances and field power cabinets according to the actual needs of the project. The control panel can detect the concentration of ambient combustible gas around the detector installation position in real time, and when the concentration of combustible gas exceeds the alarm threshold, the control panel gives an alarm sound, showing the address of the alarm detector, its location information and the gas concentration at that spot. The system is suitable for residential buildings, hotels, office buildings and other places.
Product Features
(1) 7 inch real color 800 x 480 LCD screen,Chinese, graphic display.
(2) The loop circuit is polarity-free and has automatic protection for overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit conditions.
(3) Chinese notes: able to add Chinese notes to each device on the loop to describe its location.
(4) Two sets of volt-free control output,output when the panel alarms.
(5) 5000 pieces of all kinds of events/information can be recorded and stored.
(6)Maximum capacity: 20 loops, each loop of 200 points (detectors, modules, power cabinets), system maximum load: 4000 points.
(7) With serial port and CAN communication interface, can connect a variety of supporting equipment.
(8) The control panel can receive the status of the field power supply in real time.
Technical Data

Applied standardGB 16808-2008
Main powerAC220V (187V~280V)50Hz±1Hz
Backup powerDC24V
Power consumption≤48W (of the control panel itself)
Working environment-10℃~55℃, ≤93%RH
WiringTwo-wire, polarity-free
Transmission distance≤1500m
Capacity20 loops, 200 points (detector, module, power cabinet) each loop
Connecting equipmentDetectors, sounder beacons, modules by two-wire bus communication
Relay outputs2 sets of fire relay
Contacts capacity: 2A/DC30Vor 1A/AC125V
Alarm methodSound and light alarm
Display method7” LCD
DimensionsCabinet type (L×W×H): 545mm ×800mm ×1245mm
Structure and Installation
(1) The control panel shall be placed in non-explosion-proof places such as fire control room. It is strictly prohibited to install the panel in explosion-proof area.
(2) During installation, avoid vibration and prevent dust and water from entering.
(3) The control panel should use arelatively stable power supply. Avoid using the same power supply with large electrical equipment.
(4) The control panel should be well grounded.
(5) The housing of the control panel cannot be damaged, otherwise it will affect the shielding and safety.
(6) Installed on the floor, covers an area of 545mm x 480mm.
220V power cord
According to the terminal identification to connect the power supply. Before wiring, confirm that the relevant power supply has been cut off.
(1) Remove the plastic cover of the terminals.
(2) Connect the power cord following the terminal mark.
(3) Buckle back the plastic cover of the terminals.
(4) Tie to fix power cable.
Warning: improper or unreliable grounding may cause leakage and result in electric shock.
Loop circuit
The loop circuit should use a copper multi-core twisted pair with a cross section not less than 1.5mm2. The loop circuit should be connected to the terminals on the loop panel. The loop should have good ground insulation and interwire insulation before connecting to the control panel to ensure the stable operation of the system.