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Graphic Display Device in Fire Control Room

Product Features
•  The graphic display device in fire control room uses Chinese marks and menu, entering the operation menu once powered on, and the power is automatically turned off when the interface is off.
•  Graphic display device uses red light indicating alarm, auto-control, feedback, and supervision status,yellow light indicating fault, disabled status.
•  The graphic display device in fire control room can receive fire alarm signal and automatic control signals from the fire alarm control panel, and enter fire alarm or automatic control state within 3s, displaying the corresponding alarm information in charts.
•  Graphic display device in fire control room can query and display the physical address, address information and its corresponding real-time status of each device in the monitored fire protection area.
•  The graphic display device monitors and displays communication status with fire control panel in real time.
•  Can realize remote data transmission and query of alarm information.
•  Cannot reset the control panel, or perform system setting, start or stop automatic control equipment.
•  Can display total floor plan of the building, the building plan and the system plan of the protected building in real time after the fire alarm control panel sends the alarm information.
•  Special indications for fire alarm signal, supervision alarm signal, feedback signal, disabled signal, fault signal and other status.
•  Graphic display device displays the corresponding status information of fire alarm signal and feedback signal input within 10s, and the corresponding status of other input signals within 100s.
•  When there is a fire alarm signal, automatic control signal received, graphic display device in fire control room displays the location of the alarm and the building plan of the position, and can indicate the physical location of the alarm part, the alarm time, and other information on the building plan.
•  The upper left corner of the graphic display device is for displaying the first alarm only.
•  Can manually check the fire alarm part and related information.
•  The graphic display device in fire control room displays the alarm plan where the alarm point is located. When alarm points are at different floors, their floor plans are displayed in turn or selected manually.
•  Can be reset manually.
•  Can simultaneously give out sound and light alarm signals when receiving alarm, automatic control, fault, etc.
•  Graphic display device in fire control room has various alarm information recording and storage functions.
•  Graphic display device in fire control room can record dynamic information of various fire equipment in the monitoring system of the protection area, including the operator's code, the content and time of the product maintenance, the changing information of various types of equipment, and the system entry and exit time.
•  History export function.
•  Can be operated by touch screen.
•  Powered by 24V of BYF-PC20 power supply. 
Technical Data
•  Applied standard: GB 16806-2006
•  Main power: DC24V
•  Working environment: 0℃~40℃
•  Dimensions: 483mm×310mm×69mm

•  Regularly conduct simulation alarm test to ensure that the system is normal.
•  It's recommended to test the system at the beginning of each duty shift.