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Smoke Alarm
Product Features
•   China Compulsory Certification product.
•   Optical smoke detection technology, excellent performance.
•   High sensitivity, high reliability fire alarm.
•   Rapid response, high decibel warning alarm output.
•   Very low power consumption. Under normal circumstances single battery can last for 5 years.
•   Battery leak-proof design, quick and easy installation.

Technical Data
(1) Power supply: DC3V (lithium battery CR17450)
(2) Monitoring current: <8μA
(3) Fire current: <10mA
(4) Alarm Volume: >80dB (A)/3m
(5) Environment temperature:-10℃~60℃
(6) Relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃ without condensation)
(7) Dimensions: diameter 100mm, height 53mm 
(8) Material color: ABS White
(9) Weight: 117g ( battery not included ) 
(10) Applied standard: GB 20517-2006

Installation and Commissioning
1. Dimensions of the alarm, as shown in figures 1 and 2 (unit: mm)

2. Double-side tape position

3. Installation steps
(1) When installing with bolts, the base is mounted to the roof with bolts, and the indicator facing an easy-to-observe direction (e.g. doorway).
(2) When installing with double-sided adhesive, clean the place that to use adhesive, making it smooth, dry and clean. Press the base to this cleaned place using the double-sided adhesive provided in the package for 1 minute (indicator facing an easy-to-observe direction, e.g. the door). 
(3) Place the battery in the battery compartment according to the positive and negative poles, and then start the detector self-test.
(4) Finally, mount the detector onto its base, and turn it clockwise to tighten.

This product needs to be used with battery.
Battery type: DC3V Lithium Battery (CR17450) carbon batteries (e.g. 6F22) are prohibited.
Regular alarm inspection, at least every 6 months. 
If not used for a long time, the detector should be stored in a box with battery removed.