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Message Module
JBF-195K message module uses Unicom/Mobile GSM network to communicate to users. It sends alarm information and fault information from Jade Bird Fire alarm control panel to the preset user's mobile phone. JBF-195K message module connects toJBF-11SF series control panel or JBF-139W wireless relay module. All relevant information of the panel are sent to the mobile phone number by SMS, so that users can timely understand the situation.

Product Features

•  This product needs to be equipped with a SIM card, and requires mobile or Unicom GSM (4G) network system.
•  By special software, the module can send to up to 10 mobile phone numbers at the same time through synchronous transmission.
•  Alarm SMS displays specific alarm address and related descriptions.
Technical Data
Rated voltageDC24V
Rated power15W
Working temperature-10…+50℃
Relative humidity≤92±3%
Dimensions (L×W×H)142 mm×85 mm×42.5mm

Structure and Dimensions


•  Terminals CANL and CANH are connected to the networking terminals of JBF-11SFcontrol panel respectively. Pay attention distinguishing positive and negative polarity.
•  Terminal +24V and GND are connected to the positive and negative ends of 24V power supply respectively.