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Power Amplifier
Product Features
•  Fire emergency broadcasting system supporting product, including three specifications: 150W, 300W, 600W. Network with the corresponding broadcast control disk, broadcast terminal (loudspeakers) and other equipment together to network, to achieve emergency broadcasting functions.
•  With amplifier overheating, overload and short-circuit protection.
•  It has automatic registration and address overlap function.
•  Has a fault prompt function.
•  With address setting functions and support up to 15 power amplifier addresses.
•  Support field volume monitoring and background volume adjustment.

Technical Data

Working temperature-10~+55℃
Relative humidity≤95%(no condensation)
Main powerAC220V (+10%,-15%,50Hz)
Backup powerAC220V(+10%,-15%,50Hz)
Rated voltage120V
Total harmonic distortion≤5%
Signal-to-noise ratio≥70dB
Frequency response range80Hz-8kHz
Housing materialcold-roll steel sheets
ColorPanton Cool Gray 3U-70
Applied standardGB 16806-2006 “Automatic control system for fire protection”and No.1 revised list.
Structure and Dimensions
In-cabinet installation takes up 2U of panel space.