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Wireless Input Module
The module uses LORA communication technology and monitors the connected switch type device. When the device is switched to closed state more than 3 seconds, module sends feedback signal to the monitoring center wirelessly and at the same time, the red light is on to alert the user. Users can also receive alarm information through Web or App. If voice or information notification is set, the corresponding mobile phone number will receive the alarm voice call or the corresponding alarm SMS notification from Jade Bird Cloud. When the closed state of the external device is switched to open state, the feedback state is cancelled and the device is reset.

Product Features
•  Built-in microprocessor, stable performance.
•  Adopt SMT process, reliable, consistent.
•  Adopts wireless communication, needless of wiring.
•  Self-check: press down the key to send feedback signal to the cloud and realize self-check.
•  Use LORA communication technology, low power consumption, transmission distance 1000m.
•  The input module can be installed in the embedded box to save space, or installed unfolded (no embedded box).

Technical Data
Battery model and working voltageCR17450 / 3V
Monitoring current3μA
activation current2mA
IndicatorsFlashes(green light)in monitoring state, constant on (red light) when in alarm state, and constant on (yellow light) when faults.
Operating temperature:-10—+40℃
Storage temperature-10—+50℃
Relative Humidity ≤85%RH (40±2℃)
Dimensions90mm × 86mm × 26.5mm(L ×W × H)
Weight69g(without base), 95g(with base)

Structure and Dimensions (with installation base)
 (without base)

The product supports both folded and unfolded installation.
Folded installation: after wiring is completed, put the product into the embedded box, and connect it with the embedded box with the installation screw in the package. Note: when the product is installed inside the embedded box, the minimum size of the external outline of the embedded box is 83×83, and the embedded box smaller than this size does not support folded installation.
Unfolded installation: if the product needs unfolded installation, you need to order another base JBF-VB4502A for use. When installing, knock out the leak hole of the mounting base, and pass the return route through the leaking hole. After fixing the mounting base to the wall, wire the product, and put the product onto the JBF-VB4502A base.
                                                                  Folded installation                                       Unfolded installation


•  Regular maintenance and calibration
•  Conduct activation test every six months recommended.