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Fire Alarm Control Panel
JB-QB-JBF5012 fire control panel adopts non-polarity, double-wire and bus addressable technology. The monitor supports Chinese/English LCD display. The panel consists of a main control unit, loop units, circuit boards, power supply units, etc. It connects with the Series 3 and Series 4 detectors, manual call points and other fire safety devices of the company. It is well applied to small-to-moderate-scale engineering projects.
Product Features
1. Non-Polarity, Double-Wire Bus
The system adopts non-polarity, double-wire and bus addressable technology. Two wires make it simple to place lines and cables. Wiring is without precedence order, and cable routes are flexible. Therefore, the system is reliable and easy to maintain. And construction costs reduces.
2. 7 Inches True Color LCD Monitor, Chinese/English Switchable Interface
The control unit provides a very good man-machine communication interface. Fire alarm addresses can be displayed in 16 Chinese characters or in 32 alphabetic characters. Content displayed is clear and easy to read.
3. Effective Anti-Interference
Both hardware and software of the control panel have good anti-interference performance.
4. Strong Compatibility
The panel is compatible with fire graphic display devices, fire alarm indicators, and other auxiliary equipment.
Technical Data
Applicable National StandardGB4717-2005
Dimension (W x H x D)410x540x123mm
Display    7 inches LCD, 800x480
System CapacitySingle loop, 200 devices, 15 fire alarm indicators
History Record        20000 pieces
Main Power SupplyAC220V +10% -15% 50Hz
Secondary Power SupplyDC.24V 4.5Ah
Working Temperature-10…+50℃
Applied Humidity≤93%(40±2℃)
System Communication Distance≤1,500 meters

Structure and Dimensions