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Two-wire, non-polar, Electrical isolation between circuits, high stability, state monitoring and fault detection function, receive  switch action signal from separated type door magnetic.
Input Module
The input interface modules are mainly used to monitor the normally close fire doors. By receiving magnetic switch activated signals, the modules determine whether the fire doors are open or not, and then transfer the information to the fire door monitor for displaying and/or alarming. Modules should be installed near the fire door. Each door needs one JBF6131-D.

Product Features
•  Built-in microprocessor.
•  Non-polar two-line loop, maximum communication distance: 1500m.
•  The loop is of twisted-pair cable. The cross-section of the conductor should be no less than 1.0mm².
•  Electric encoding, using encoder to write addresses.
•  Loop fault detection.

Technical Data
IndexTechnical Specification
LoopModulatable, two line, non-polar
Monitoring Current≤0.25mA DC24V
Encoding MethodElectric encoder
Address range1-252
IndicatorMonitoring status: “input” red light flashes.
Fault status: “input” red light flashes twice.
Dimensions( L x W x H ): 85mm x 85mm x 41mm
•  L1 (terminal 4), L2 (terminal 5) connects the loop, no polar.
•  AS (terminal 9), AG (terminals 10) connects door magnetic switch (passive contact).
•  There must be a 10KΩ terminate resistor on the end of the door magnetic switch.