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Applied to EN standard, serial connection to the loop. When a short circuit occurs in the loop, the isolation modules at both ends of the short circuit point act to isolate the short circuit.
JBE-2150 is an isolator module designed to operate on a loop of intelligent fire detection and alarm devices with the Jade Bird Europe loop protocol.
The isolator is placed at intervals on the loop and ensures that, in case of a short circuit, only the section between the isolators will be affected. The two wires of the loop section between the 2 isolators that are closest to the short circuit are disconnected, allowing to the rest of the loop to continue working. When the short circuit is removed, the isolators automatically connect the isolated loop section restoring power and data.
The total number of devices protected by each isolator should not exceed 32.
Convenient LEDs provide local information of the isolator status to support installation inspection and troubleshooting. The top LED turns ON when side A of the loop is disconnected, and the bottom LED turns on when side B of the loop has a short circuit.
Technical data
CategoryEn 54-17 Isolator module
Operating voltageDC 20 to 30V(JBE protocol pulse amplitude)
Quiescent current≤0.25mA @27V
Short circuit current≤15mA @27V
Activation current≥200mA @24V
Maximum number of devices between isolators32
Connection2-wire JBE communication bus,no polarity
WiringTwisted pair,max.wiring gauge 2.5mm²(0.5 to 2.5 mm²)
LED IndicationQuiescent:The two LEDs are OFF
Short-Circuit in Side A: Top LED is ON
Short-Circuit in Side B: Bottom LED is ON
Dimensions85 mm x85 mm x41 mm
Weight0.1 kg(including base)
Operating temperature0℃ to 40℃
Storage temp-20 to 50℃
Relative humidity≤95%RH(no condensation nor icing)
Ingress protection ratingIP40
StandardsEN 54-17:2005
EN 54-17:2005/AC:2007
Declaration of Perf.DoP-0370-CPR-3807-1

Always observe local fire and electric installation regulations
1.Secure the base to the wall (surface or flush mounted).
2.Connect the wiring to the base as per the diagram.
3.Insert the module into its base and push firmly.
4.Test wiring integrity after installation.

Mechanical dimensions

Mechanical dimensions (all dimensions in mm) and connection diagram
2(3)&4(5)Bus loop side A: L1, L2 (no polarity)
7(8)&9(10)Bus loop side B: L1, L2 (no polarity)