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Fire Door Monitor
Product Features
The key feature of fire door monitor JBF-61S20 is by real-time monitoring of the normally open fire door and the normally close fire door to display status of the doors and report alarm. The fire door monitor has networking function. Connecting with the fire alarm control panel, it receives, displays and stores fire alarm information that triggers doors action. When the fire door monitor is under auto-enable mode, it can automatically control the fire door to open or close according to the preset program after JBF-61S20 receives fire alarms.
JBF-61S20 fire door monitor has a set of DC24V3A auto-control output power supply with itself to control electric devices on site such as electric door closers and door holding cl. When their power consumption exceeds the loading capacity of the power supply, install wall-mounted power supply on site near the devices.


Fire door monitor JBF-61S20 consists of: display monitor, loop panel, bus monitor, power supply, batteries.
•  Display Monitor Model: JBF-61S-AC805
•  Loop Pane Model: JBF-61S-LA1y
The loop protocol is the newest 61S bus protocol R1.0. The capacity of a single loop is 252 addressable points. The loop panel receives status signal of the power supply who detects fault by itself. There are two routes of passive contact output for delivering public information (fire and/or failure).

•  Bus Monitor Model: JBF-61S-CK60
There are 60 shortcut control keys on bus monitor. Each key is with two indicator: status indicator (red) and fault indicator (yellow). Each key corresponds to 4 continuous fire doors, which realizes point to point manual control of the fire door. The status of each fire door can be learned from the indicator with it.

Structure and Dimensions

Fire door input/output interface modules are vital components of the fire door monitoring system. It is through input/output interface modules that the monitor receives status information from and gives command to the fire door. There are 3 models of input/output interface modules in JBF-61S20 system: JBF6131-D, JBF6141-D, and JBF6142-D, respectively used to monitor and control normally close and normally open fire doors.