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Applied to EN standard, connect to the loop, the output end receives activating command from the control panel and start the connecting devices.
JBE-2125 is an addressable output module with one feedback designed to operate on a loop of intelligent fire detection and alarm devices with the Jade Bird Europe loop protocol.
Each module provides one output to the fire detection system and one feedback input. The module receives activation commands from the fire panel and activates its output accordingly.The feedback input can be used to monitor, from the panel, electric contact to confirm the effect of the output activation.
The output can be used as an electrically isolated relay or as a 24-V active output. In order to be able to provide an active (24V) output, the module needs to be connected to a 24V field bus.
The JBE-2125 has a fault detection feature which notifies the control panel when the input wiring is disconnected and when the output wiring has an open or short circuit. The fault detection function is only available in the active output mode.
Convenient LEDs provide local information of the input and output status to support installation inspection and trouble shooting.

Technical data
Working voltageDC 16-30 V (JBE protocol pulse amplitude)
Connection2-wire JBE communication bus, no polarity
WiringTwisted pair, max. wiring gauge 2.5 mm2
Quiescent current≤0.25mA @24V
Activation current≤1mA @24V
OutputMaximum 1A@24V
Clean contact rating2A/30V DC
Input EOL Resistor10 kΩ
Output EOL Resistor10 kΩ
Working temperature0 to +40ºC
Storage temperature-20 to +50℃
Environment Humidity≤ 95% RH (no condensation nor icing)
Addressing methodSoft addressing with tool JBE-AT1, non-volatile
Address range1-200
LED Indication (Active output mode)Healthy: "Input" and "Output" LED flashes
Output Activation: "Output" LED is constantly on
Feedback: "Input" is constantly on.
Input Fault:"Input" is off and "Output" flashes.
Output or 24V Fault: "Input" and "Output" are off
LED Indication (Relay Output mode)Healthy: "Input" LED flashes, "Output" LED off
Fault: "Input" and "Output" LED off
Dimensions85 mm ×85 mm x41 mm
Weight0.1 kg(including base)
IP ratingIP40
StandarsEN 54-18:2005
EN 54-18:2005/AC:2007
Declaration of Perf.Dop-0370-CPR-3806-1

Always observe local fire and electric installation regulations
1.Secure the base to the wall (surface or flush mounted).
2.Determine if the installation requires an active (24V) or passive(relay contact) output.
3.Connect the wiring to the base according to the desired application. 

4.Program an unused loop address (1 to 200) to the module using the JBE-AT1 tool.
5.Using the JBE-AT1 tool, program:
a)201 to set the active output mode
b)202 to set the Relay output mode
6.Insert the module into its base and push firmly.
7.Register the module into the fire panel's configuration.
8.Test wiring integrity after installation.
TerminalsConnection type
1&3Power supply 24Vcc, GND
224V IN Connect to contact 1 if needed.
4&5Signal loop L1, L2 (no polarity)
8&10CO, GND, used when need to 24V output, connect to equipment in the field. EOL resistor is needed
9&10AS+, GND, connect feedback contacts. EOL resistor is needed
6&7&8COM (Common), NC (Normally Closed), CO (Normally Open) are the relay connections when used in Relay output mode.


Mechanical dimensions

Mechanical dimensions (all dimensions in mm) and connection diagram