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Four-wire, applicable to normally open single door that are normally with power. When activated, the power is cutoff and it close the electric door closer and electromagnetic discharger.
Input/Output Module
The interface module is installed near the normally open fire door and connects with electric fire door closers (mechanical locating type) and electromagnetic releasing devices to close fire doors by remote control when fire occurs, and to receive the open/close status signals from the fire doors.

Product Features
•  Built-in microprocessor.
•  DC24V is needed for normal operation of the module.
•  Non-polar two-line loop, maximum communication distance: 1500m.
•  The loop is of twisted-pair cable. The cross-section of the conductor should be no less than 1.0mm².
•  The electrical isolation design between input and output cables avoids damage of the system caused by wrong wiring.
•  Electric encoding, using encoder to write addresses.
•  Loop input and output fault detection.

Technical Data
Index   Technical Specification
LoopModulatable, two line, non-polar
Monitor Current<0.1mA  DC24V
Output CapacityDC24V/300mA
EncodingElectric encoder
Code Range1-252
Input IndicatorMonitor Status: “input” red light flashes.
Action Status: “input” light flashes and highlights.
Fault Status: “input” light flashes twice.
Output IndicatorMonitor Status: “output” red light flashes.
Action Status: “output” light is off.
Dimensions( L x W x H ): 85mm x 85mm x 41mm

•  L1 (terminal 4), L2 (terminal 5) connects the loop, no polar.
•  24V (terminal 1), GND (terminal 3) connects 24V DC power supply, with polarity.
•  AS (terminal 9 ), GND (terminal 10 ) connects devices like electric door closers for closing signal (passive contact).
•  There must be a 10KΩ terminate resistor in parallel on the end of the AS and GND that connect the monitored device to realize input lines self-detection.
•  ON (terminal 7), GND (terminal 10) connects electric door closer. The interface module continuously gives out 24V to keep the fire door open. Once activated, the ON of the module stops 24V output and the door closer will function by its mechanism to close the door.