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Connect with fire alarm control panelor fire alarm control panel (automatic) or other alarm equipment, used in small and medium-sized places, computer rooms, libraries and other places needing remote fire monitoring.
User Information Transmission Device

Product Features
•  The RS232 serial port is to connect fire alarm control panel. The wiring is simple, and the communication is stable.
•  Communicate with fire monitoring center using TCP/IP. Applicable to LAN and wide area network.
•  Monochrome LCD displays 16 Chinese characters or 32 common characters of alarm address notes.
•  Extra-large storage space, saving up to 100,000 pieces of histories, recording all kinds of operation events.
•  User information transmission device adopts small-size housing and wall-mounted installation. Cable inlet is from top of the device, easy to conduct wiring and saving space.
•  Hardware and software have good anti-jamming ability.
•  Good compatibility. Able to connect to fire alarm control panels under the national standard and most of the company's fire alarm control panels. 

Technical Data

ItemTechnical parameters
Main powerAC187~242V, 50Hz
Standby powerDC12V, 4Ah
Input capacity2 sets of voltage-free input with test functions (must connect to EOLR RJ14-0.25W-5%-10K)
Output capacity2sets of DC12V 200mAvoltage output (dedicated for drive relay of DC12V, the internal resistance 200Ω-2KΩ)
DC12V 200mA (dedicated for internal module of DC512V)
DC5V 1A (dedicated for internal module of DC5V)
Operating temperature0…+40℃
WireRS232 (3-core) length≤15m; TCP/IP (standard net cable) length≤50m
Connected equipmentJB-QB-JBF5010
Applied standardsGB 26875.1-2011
Structure and Dimensions

Installation should comply with relevant local standards and follow the installation dimension.
1) Install 4 expansion bolts and 2 screws on the wall according to the installation size map. (The screws and the wall should leave a bit space between them.)
2) After let in the cable, install the user information transmission device on the wall by screws.
3) Open the cabinet door, tighten the 4 screws and secure the user information transmission device to the wall.
4) Take the cable to the terminal with reference to the wiring instructions.

•  The insulation value between each signal line and the earth should be greater than 3mΩ.
•  System grounding should use insulated copper core wire of 4.0mm2, and the ground resistance is less than 4 ohms.
•  Distance from the bottom side of the user information transmission device to the ground should be between 1.2m to 1.5m.
•  Front operating distance should not be less than 1.2m.


+12V, G-12Drive output, power to internal module, distinguishing polarity;
DC+5V,G-5Drive output, power to internal module, distinguishing polarity;
R1_+12V, R1_GNDVoltage output 1, for driving relay(DC12V, internal resistance:200-2KΩ)
R2_+12V, R2_GNDVoltage output 2, for driving relay(DC12V, internal resistance:200-2KΩ)
NCReserved terminal
INPUT1+, INPUT1-Imput terminal 1, for volt-free signal, connect to 10K, 1/4W 5%EOLR
INPUT2+, INPUT2-Imput terminal 2, for volt-free signal, connect to10K, 1/4W 5%EOLR
TX1, RX1, SGNDConnect to ports of fire alarm control panel: RS232 serial port,TX1:RS232send,RX1:RS232receive S, GND:RS232 grounding;
TX2, RX2, SGNDSystem debugging serial port