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Combustible Gas Detector
Product Features
•  Built-in microprocessor, stable performance.
•  SMT process ensures high reliability and good consistency.
•  Imported contact combustiontype sensor
•  Insensitive to alcohol, temperature and humidity.
•  Addressable. Use a dedicated encoder to write address to it.
•  TQ-JBF5101 is used in the combustible gas alarm system with Jade Bird Fire gas alarm control panel.
•  The application design follows the national standard GB15322.1-2003 “Combustible gas detectors Part 1: Point type detectors for 0~100% LEL”
•  Apply to plant, warehouse, machine room and other places for detecting combustible gas leakage.

Technical Data
ItemTechnical Parameters
Loop voltage15~28V
Power voltageDC24V(DC12V~DC36V)
Loop current≤1.0mA
Loop alarm current≤1.1mA
Power supply monitoring current≤30mA
Power supply alarm current≤35mA
Gas detectedMethane
Response time≤30s
Alarm threshold10%LEL
WiringFour wires
--L1 & L2 for loop connection - polarity-free;
24V & G for DC24 input
Addressing methodElectrical encoding
Signal transmission distance1500m(2.5mm2)
Working temperature-10…+55℃
Storage temperature-25…+55℃
Relative humidity95%RH
Sensor lifespan5 years
Connecting equipmentJB-TB-JBF-51S40-4 combustible gas alarm control panel
JB-TB-JBF-51S40-8 combustible gas alarm control panel
Applied standardGB15322.1-2003

Structure and Dimensions
The detector can be addressed using JBF-FA-E or JF-EC201 encoder with base DB161.
The terminal 24V and terminal L2 of base DB161 short, and terminal G and terminalL1 short.The encoder cable are connected to L1, L2as shown below.