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Used with wireless home fire alarm loop. Use RF radio frequency communication technology to connect home fire alarm control panel white, built-in DC3V lithium ion battery, lifespan >6 years
Alarm Button
Form wireless home fire alarm system with the panel, for home, hotel rooms, refurbished residential buildings and likewise small areas.

Product Features
•   Built-in microprocessor, performance is stable.
•   Adopt SMT process, high reliability, good consistency.
•   Wireless connection, no need of wiring in installation.
•   The product can be connected to JB-QB-JBF5021 control panel (hereinafter referred to as the panel) to form the wireless fire alarm system.
•   Simple operation. Press the operating panel by hand to report fire alarm to the control panel.
•   Adopts RF radio frequency communication technology, with low power consumption and a visual transmission range of 260m
•   The alarm button can be installed in the embedded box to save space, or installed unfolded (no embedded box).
•   J-SAP-JBF4124R is white in color.
•   J-SAP-JBF4125R is red in color.

Technical Data
Battery model/working voltageCR17450/3V
Monitoring current≤0.3μA
Alarm current≤2mA
IndicatorsFlashes in monitoring state, constant on (red light) when in alarm state, and flashes yellow when faults.
Operating temperature-10—+50℃
Storage temperature-10—+40℃
Relative humidity≤85%RH (40±2℃)
Dimensions86mm × 90mm × 26.5mm (L × W × H)
Weight69g (without base), 95g (with base)

Structure and Installation
Unfolded JBF4124R/JBF4125R appearance and installation dimensions

Figure 1 appearance and dimensions (with base)

Folded JBF4124R/4125R appearance and installation dimensions

Figure 2 appearance and dimensions (without base)


•   Daily maintenance, maintenance, and calibration
•   Conduct alarm test regularly, every six months recommended.