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Residual Current Detector
The JBF6181 series residual current electrical fire monitoring detector have 2 types and 6 models. One type is a circular transformer, applied to residual current detection of cables. The specific model includes: JBF6181-100, JBF6181-315, and JBF6181-630. The other type is a rectangular transformer, applied residual current detection of copper bar. The specific model includes: JBF6181-315C type, JBF6181-630C type, and JBF6181-1000C.
Product Features

•  The detector is with 1 indicator representing different state with different colors. Green light flashing means normal operating, and red light steady on means alarming.
•  Low-power operation, power provided by the loop with a maximum transmission distance of 1500 meters.
•  Real-time transmission of current value, fault signal and other status signals to the electrical fire monitoring equipment.
•  The residual current transformer is through potting process and can withstand harsh environment.
•  Easy product tracking management thorough PSN reading. 

Technical Data

ItemTechnical parameters
Object monitoredResidual current
Monitoring rangeResidual current50~1000mA
WiringL1 & L2 for loop connection - polarity-free;
Rated voltageDC24V
Usage environmentTemperature: -10~65℃
Humidity: 10~93%RH(no condensation)
Working current<0.1mA
Addressing methodwith encoder
Address range1-252
Applied standardElectrical fire monitoring system - part 2: residual current electrical fire monitoring detectors
Model Table
DETECTOR MODELALARM threshold RANGE (mA)Rated current(A)Dimensions(mm)Monitoring
JBF6181-315C200~100031510520838copper bar
JBF6181-630C200~100063014133238copper bar
JBF6181-1000C200~1000100018444050copper bar

There are terminals labeled L1, L2 on the detector. These two terminals are connected to the loop of electrical fire monitoring equipment.
Attention: do not connect the line with power.

•  The wire should use ZR-RVS-2x1.5mm2. The cable laying must be separated from the strong electrical cable.
•  When the communication cable is of shielded twisted pair, the shielding must be well grounded.
Note: In order to ensure the stability of the system, the loop prohibits the use of solid cable or non-twisted wires.