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Fire Alarm Control Panel

JBF5014 gas fire extinguishing control panel is designed specially for gas fire extinguishing system. The monitor supports Chinese/English LCD display. The panel consists of a main control unit, loop units, circuit boards, power supply units, etc. It connects emergency on/off button, auto/manual switch box, extinguishing indicator, sounder beacon, input/output module, etc. The control panel has electromagnetic valve drive interface for inactivating gas fire extinguishing equipment. It applies to places like data centre, library, computer room and so on.

Product Features
•   The system adopts non-polarity, double-wire and bus addressable technology. The whole system uses only two wires, so it is very simple to place wires. In addition the path and style to place the wire are free, without precedence order. In such event, it increases reliability, is easy to install and maintain wire, and reduces the cost of construction projects.
•   7 inches true color LCD Monitor, Chinese/English Switchable Interface. All fire alarm addresses can be displayed in16 Chinese characters or 32 characters with the special software named SELECT which is researched and developed by the company. The fault or alarm from the specific devices and sites is displayed. The displayed content is clear, easy and simple, achieves a good man-machine communication interface.
•   Super storage space. The control panel saves up to 20000 history, recording all types of operations and events.
•   Effective Anti-Interference.Both hardware and software of the control panel have good anti-interference performance.
•   The control panel supports complying automatic control programme and annotation of equipment address with computer off line. And these are imported into the control panel by USB flash disk. It suits all kinds of automatic control design of the project.
•   The control panel has 6 independent loops for direct auto/manual control of large fire equipment and 2 loops for auto/manual gaseous fire suppression.
•   Can form a network of up to 99 control panels.
•   Great matching capacity. Can connect to graph indicator (CRT) in fire control center, fire alarm indicators, etc.

Technical Data
Applied Standard: GB 4717-2005, GB 16806-2006
System Capacity: 2 loops, 80/200 addresses each
Maximum Activation Current: 2A
Primary Power:  AC187~242, 50Hz
Secondary Power:  DC24V, 7Ah
Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃
Installation: Wall-mounted
Weight: 13KG

Structure and Dimensions
Dimensions (HxWxD): 540×410×125mm

Installation should comply with relevant local standards or norms. Please follow the instruction to install.
1. According to the installation dimension drawing, add 2 expansion anchor bolts and 2screws to the wall. (Set aside certain gap between the screw and the wall)
2. Hang the controller on the screw after threading the line.
3. Open the door of the control panel and tighten the 4 screws to fix the panel on the wall.
4. Follow instructions to connect the cable to terminals.

1. The insulating value between signal cables and ground should be greater than 3 ohm.
2. Wire diameter for system grounding should be ≥4.0mm2 copper insulated conductor or cable, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohm.
3. The installation height should be 1.2~1.5m from the bottom of the control panel to the ground.
4. Operating distance should not be less than 1.2m.


Terminal linups

24V,G24V output, providing electricity for devices in the field
FAULTOutput passive close signal when reports fault.
FIREOutput passive close signal when reports fire.
SL-,SL+6 loops to directly control large fire protection equipment. Polar lines.
L+,L-4 non-polar loops. L1 and L2 have 80 addresses each. L3 and L4 have 200 addresses each. Loops connect with detectors, sounder beacons, modules,etc
IN1-,IN1+Input terminal 1, connecting signal input lines and 10K 1/4W resistance
IN2-,IN2+Input terminal 2, connecting signal input lines and 10K 1/4W resistance
FB-,FB+Suppression status signal, connecting10K 1/4W resistance
C-,C+Suppression activation,connecting suppression equipment(solenoid valve type)with resisitance, see diagram 1. Connecting electric squib(aerosols)suppression equipment with JBF5183 electric squib junction box, see diagram 2.

Diagram 1: Gaseous Suppression Activation Output Diagram
Notes: Matching load DC impedance of the solenoid valve ≥ 12 Ohm; conductor DC resistance ≤ 2 Ohm, needs connected with terminal components.

Diagram 2 Suppression activation output (with electric squib suppression equipment)
Notes: connect with electric squib suppression equipment and JBF5183 electric squib junction box.

Interface card

CANH2,CANL2Connect CAN cable to form network with other control panels