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Power Supply Monitor for Fire Equipment

JBF - PWMS Power Monitoring System Diagram

Introduction of JBF-PWMS Power Status Monitor

JBF-PWMS power status monitor (hereinafter referred to as the monitor) is a wall-mounted single-loop monitoring device, which simultaneously monitors 252 field voltage and/or current type sensors. When the sensor detects interruption of power supply, overvoltage, under-voltage, lack of phase, fault phase, overload, and such power failure, it gives out sound and light signals, and records the type, location and time of the fault occurring device, reminding the personnel on duty to troubleshoot in time.

Composition of the Monitor

Monitor mainly includes: a control panel with 7 "LCD (JBF-61S60DP), a single loop board (JBF-61S60LA), a dual output fire power (DC27V / 140 w) with backup management feature, and a set of batteries (7AH / 12V).

Structure and Dimensions

Product Features

(1) two bus line communication and power supply method
(2) the transmission distance of 1000m can be realized by using RVS-2 x 1.5mm2 double stranded wire
(3) high-resolution 7-inch real color LCD, rich and beautiful display of information, direct and friendly human-computer interaction
(4) multi-level password settings for easy maintenance and management
(5) large capacity of historical record storage up to 100,000 pieces of information
(6) have communication ports such as RS232 and USB, facilitating transmission and storage of various data
(7) network function with the JBF-11SF series control panel, and the network supports up to 99 networking equipment.
(8) able to reset on-site sensor addresses online;
(9) real-time query of sensor monitoring voltage, current and other data.
(10)real-time printing, and can set up various types of printing information needed.

Technical Data

Executive StandardGB 28184-2011 “Power Supply System for Fire Protection Equipment”
Communication MethodsNo polar, two wires
CapacitySingle loop of 252 points
Communication Distance≤1000m
Main Power InputAC220V,50±1Hz
Power CapacitySystem Power: 24V/2A, External Power: 24V/3A
Standby Power12V/7Ah×2
Operation Level3 levels of access management, for management of different type of users.
Display FunctionEnglish, true color
Print FunctionConfiguration of micro thermal printer, can select and print system operating status in real time
Storage Capacity≥100000 pieces
Operating Temperature0℃~+40℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity≤93% No condensation
Alarm Sound Pressure Level65dB~85dB;

Power State Monitoring and Failure Alarm.

(1) overvoltage fault alarm: the voltage value of the monitored power supply is greater than 110% of the rated voltage;
(2) under-voltage fault alarm: the voltage value of the monitored power supply is less than 85% of the rated voltage;
(3) power supply interruption fault alarm: the voltage value of the monitored power supply is 0V or the connection with the sensor is lost;
(4) fault phase alarm: the sequence of A, B and C of the connected sensor is inconsistent with the sequence of A, B and C of the monitored loop;
(5) missing phase fault alarm: the three-phase three-wire or three-phase four-wire sensor loses (or disconnects) a line (A, B and C);
(6) themonitor can receive voltage and current signals of the main power supply and standby power collected by sensors in real time. When there is overvoltage, under-voltage, lack of phase, fault phase, power supply interruption, current overload and such power supply failure in the fire protection equipment, the monitor sends out sound and light alarm signalswithin 100s.