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Four-wire, for gaseous suppression control panel, the suppression lamp flashes when the suppression starts, warning people not entering.
Suppression Warning Sign
Product Features
•  SMT processing, embedded micro processer.
•  Installed above the door of gas protection zone. In case of fire, the control panel gives out automatic control command. Fire suppression starts and the red LED of the sign flashes, warning people not entering the zone.
•  With “放气勿入” red luminous character and white background. The height of the character is 107mm.
•  Four wires. The signal lines are polarity-free. 24V power lines distinguish polarity. 
Technical Data

ItemsTechnical Parameters
Rated voltageDC24V
Working voltageDC18V-27Vmodulation type provided by the control panel
WiringFour wires. The signal lines are polarity-free. 24V power lines distinguish polarity.
Alarm current≤50mA(24V)
Surface brightness50cd/m2~300cd/m2
Flash frequency1.0Hz~2.0Hz
Addressing methodElectrical encoder
Address range1-80
Applied environmentIndoors and not in residential area
Applied standardGB26851-2011 “Audible and/or visual fire alarm signaling appliances”
Structure and Dimensions
•  Wall-mounted. The pitch of holes is 230mm and 60mm.
•  Use a dedicated electronic encoder to set its address (1-80).
•  Terminals L1, L2 connect to signal lines; Terminals V, G connect to DC24V.
•  Signal lines adopt ZR-RVS-2×1.5mm2twisted pair cable, and power lines adopt NH-BV-2×2.5mm2.
•  Check the wiring firstto prevent product damage from possible false wiring.