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The JBE-AT1 Encoder is part of the Draco and Lyra series product line. It is used to read/write address numbers on detectors, manual call points and addressable module interfaces.
The primary functions of the service tool is to allow the system installers to preprogram devices address, read device address and set  perating modes. It also provides diagnostic features to help installers to allocate the devices on the field once they are connected and  installed in their places.
Diagnostics will provide the ability to turn ON/OFF status LED of the devices and/or turn ON/OFF their outputs signals by individual devices or by a batch.
The tool is equipped with the corresponding cables needed and a detector base to plug-in the detector.An LCD screen will help the user with a friendly user interface based on selectable menu options to perform the different features by means of a numeric keypad.

Technical Data
LCD ScreenLCD backlight display 128 x 64
Operating voltage5 Vdc
Standby power130 mW
Maximum power380 mW
Operating voltage
4 x 5-AA NiMH battery or Micro
USB connector
Dimensions (WxHxD)100 mm x 195 mm x 36,5 mm
To turn on
ress the "function" key to power on the unit. The menus can be navigated via the "up" or "down" keys. To choose a function, press the "confirmation" key, alternatively the corresponding number in the menu can be pressed on the keypad.

To write an address
Select the "Write Address" once in the function, enter the write address function, press the number key to enter the address number, and then press "Confirmation" key to write the corresponding address to the field device. After writing the address successfully, there will be a 
"Di" tone, the address is automatically increased by one, and the display appears the "success" word; if the writing fails, there will be two "Di" tones; by pressing the "Delete" key , the address can be rewritten; by pressing the "function" key, user can return to the main menu interface.

To read an address
Select the "Read Address" menu. After entering the read address function, press the "Confirmation" key to read the address of the field devices. Once the address was read, the address appears on the interface with a tone of "Di", or "000" if the reading fails. Press the "Function" Key to return to the main menu interface.