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Output Module
When fire occurs, the fire alarm signal is sent to the control panel which activate the output module. Then the output module switch background music to emergency broadcast.

Product Features
•   Built-in microprocessor.
•   Adopt SMT process.
•   Low power consumption, and the maximum distance of signal and power transmission is 1500m. The cable used is RVS2 X 1.0-1.5mm2.
•   Anti-interference, reliable performance.
•   Electronic addressing with specialized device.
•   Plug in structure, easy to install and maintain.
•   Fault detection of emergency broadcast line and loudspeaker line.

Technical Data
Working voltageDC 19-30Vprovided by control panel, with polarity
Loop signalDC 19-28V modulation type, no polarity
Monitoring current≤0.3mA (24V)
activation current≤3mA (24V)
Contacts capacityDC30V/2A
Addressing methodElectronic addressing
Address range1-200
Indicatorsconstant on (red light) when the module is activated
Operating temperature-10—+50℃
Storage temperature-20—+50℃
Relative Humidity ≤95%RH (40±2℃)
Dimensions120mm × 82mm × 43mm(L ×W × H)

Structure and Dimensions

1) After wiring construction, fix the base on the wall through the embedded box or use expansion bolt (M4 screws), and install hole spacing is 60mm.
2) The detection loop uses RVS 2×1.0-1.5mm2 wire, and the broadcast line uses RVS2×1.0-1.5mm2, power line RVS2×1.0-1.5mm2.
3) Write the corresponding address (1-200) with the encoder before installation. The address should be consistent with that in the engineering software.
4) The loop is connected to terminals L1 (5, 6) and L2 (3, 4), and there is no polarity requirement when wiring. The power cable is connected to terminals GND (1) and 24V (2) respectively, so polarity should be distinguished.
5) One of the broadcasting lines is connected to terminal 9, and the other terminal 12. The speaker is connected to terminal 11 and 14 respectively, and is equipped with 33K terminal resistance.

Product implementation standard: GB 16806-2006 “Fire Automatic Control System”.
JBF4143 module has no signal response function.
Conduct activation test regularly, every six months recommended.