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Two-wire, non-polar, suitable for home alarm control panel loop, with state monitoring and fault detection function, high stability.
Input Module
The addressed input module is applied in the two-bus fire alarm system with JBF-11SF series fire alarm control panel (automatic type), JB-QB-JBF5020, JB-QB-JBF5021 home fire alarm control panel, JBF-5000 series fire alarm control panel (automatic type) and JBF-5000 series gas suppression panel of JB Fire.
It can receive the normally open passive contact signal provided by the monitored device after activation, and the indicator light is red when input module gives acknowledge signal. Comply to national standard GB 16806-2006, suitable for hotel rooms, office buildings, libraries, cinemas, postal buildings, etc.

Product Features
•   Built-in microprocessor.

•   Adopt SMT process.
•   Non-polar two-wire bus, low power consumption, and a maximum communication distance of 1000m.
•   The cable should be twisted pair cable with a cross section not less than 1.0mm2.
•   Signal processing circuit and detection input signal processing circuit achieve electrical isolation. The device is anti-interference and gives reliable performance.
•   Electronic addressing with specialized device.
•   The input module can be installed in the embedded box to save space, or installed unfolded (no embedded box).
•   With status monitoring function and fault detection function.

Technical Data
Working voltageDC 19-28V
Loop signalModulation type, two-wire bus, no polarity
Monitoring current≤0.25mA (24V)
activation current≤1mA (24V)
Contacts capacityDC30V/2A
Addressing methodElectronic addressing
Address range1-200
IndicatorsNormal monitoring state: flashes(red light)
Fault state: constant on (yellow light)
Activation state: constant on (red light)
Operating temperature0—+40℃
Storage temperature-20—+50℃
Relative Humidity≤95%RH (40±2℃)
Dimensions90mm × 86mm × 34mm(L ×W × H)
Weight69g (without base), 95g (with base)

Dimensions and Installation
Appearance and installation dimensions (with installation base)
Appearance and installation dimensions (without base)

Folded installation: after wiring is completed, put the product into the embedded box, and connect it with the embedded box with the installation screw in the package.
Note: when the product is installed inside the embedded box, the minimum size of the external outline of the embedded box is 83×83, and the embedded box smaller than this size does not support folded installation.

Unfolded installation: if the product needs unfolded installation, you need to order another base JBF-VB4502A for use. When installing, knock out the leak hole of the mounting base, and pass the return route through the leaking hole. After fixing the mounting base to the wall, wire the product, and put the product onto the JBF-VB4502A base.
                                                                                    Figure 3 folded installation                     Figure 4 unfolded installation
•   The input module is connected to the fire alarm control panel(automatic type) by RVS2×1.5mm2 twisted pair.
•   Write the corresponding address code (1-200) to it with the encoder.
•   The two terminals on the left side of the product are connected to the circuit bus L1 and L2, regardless of polarity.
•   The two terminals on the right side of the product are connected to the answering terminal AS+ and AS-.

Figure 5 wiring diagram

Conduct activation test regularly, every six months recommended.