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JB-QB-JBF5009 fire alarm control panel is a smart bus automatic fire alarm device. It consists of main control unit, power supply unit and other units. LCD screen Chinese display; compatible with JBF3000, JBF 4000, JBF5000 series of detectors, MPC and other equipment. The panel is widely used in small to medium-sized fire engineering project.
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Product Features
•  Two-wire, polarity-free bus connection design, simple wiring and flexible cable laying. Easy to install and maintain the cables, and greatly reduces the cost of engineering.
•  Strong compatibility; can connect two-wire JB sounder beacon or repeat panel, but can also connect 4-wire devices.
•  WIFI debugging has "intranet debugging" and "remote debugging" two modes, "intranet debugging" through PC or mobile phone to connect hot spot of the control panel, downloading, uploading engineering files and upgrading program, using query, settings, installation functions of the control panel. "Remote debugging" is to achieve the commissioning by connecting CLOUD by wireless network.
•  Logic programming meets all kinds of automatic control needs of the engineering site.
•  Can connect fire control room graphic display device (CRT), fire repeat panel and other equipment.
•  Simple and beautiful appearance, with WIFI function, tech-style. The size is small, convenient for commissioning and installation. 


Product nameModelConnecting devicesCapacityConfiguration
Automatic control panelJB-QB-JBF50093000 series field devices
4000 series field devices
5000 series field devices
(With printer)
Control panel x 1
Power panel x 1

Technical data
Applied standard: national standard GB 4717-2005
System capacity: single loop of 100 addressing points plus 15 fire repeat panel
Display method: 3.8 inch LCD screen, 800 X 480 resolution, Chinese and English menu switching
History: Classified storage, up to 4000 alarm messages
Detector power supply: 24V
Transmission distance: 1500 meters
Power supply: main AC220V (-10%, -15%), 50Hz to 60Hz
Environment temperature: -10C to 50C
Relative humidity: 93±3% (40±2℃)
Dimensions: wall-mounted, 275mmx99mmx350mm (L x W x H)
Pitch of holes: 280mm x 398mm; diameter of installation hole: 5.5mm

Structure and Installation
The mounting size of the housing is shown below: