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JBE-2145 is an addressable EN54-3 sounder with visual indicator (VID) designed to operate in a loop of intelligent fire detection and alarm devices with the Jade Bird Europe loop protocol.The visual indicator activates at the same time as the sounder. This visual indication is ancillary and not intended to meet the requirements of EN 54-23 beacons.
The sounder device receives activation commands from the fire panel and generates its sound output accordingly.
The sounder needs to be connected to both the JBE communication bus and to the 24V power bus. Its fault detection feature notifies the control panel when the 24V field bus is disconnected.
This sounder is compatible with the standard base JBE-2165.

Technical data
CategoryEN54-3 Type A sounder (Indoor)
Working voltageDC 16-30 V (JBE protocol pulse amplitude)
DC 18.5-28.5V (24V DC power bus)
Connection2-wire JBE communication bus, no polarity
2-wire 24V DC power bus≤ 0.3mA @24V
WiringTwisted pair, max. wiring gauge 2.5 mm2
Current JBE comm loop≤ 0.25mA @24V
Current 24V DC bus≤ 50 mA @24 V ;≤1.2W @24V(When active)
Sound pressure level100 dB(A)@1m;1-2kHz Swept Tone (0.25 Hz)
Working temperature-10 to +55℃
Storage temperature-20 to +60℃
Environment Humidity≤ 95% RH (no condensation nor icing)
Addressing methodAddressing tool JBE-AT1
Address range1-200
Dimensions100 mm×67 mm
Weight0.1 kg(including base)
IP ratingIP31
StandardsEN 54-3:2001
EN 54-3:2001/A1:2002
EN 54-3:2001/A2:2006
Declaration of Perf.DoP-0370-CPR-3812-1
Always observe lacal fire and electric installtion regulations.
1.Secure a base JBE-2165 to the wall or ceiling (surface mounted).
2.Connect the field wires as per below.
.Program an unused loop address (1 to 200) to the sounder using the JBE-AT1 tool.
4.Insert the sounder into its base and rotate it clockwise.
5.Register the sounder into the fire panel's configuration.
6.Test activation after the installation.

Mechanical dimensions

Mechanical dimensions (all dimensions in mm) and connection diagram
1&2Signal loop L1, L2 (no polarity)
324Vcc power line: (G) Negative
424Vcc power line: (V) Positive