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Fire Alarm Control Panel
Product Features
1.  The system adopts non-polarity, double-wire and bus addressable technology. The whole system uses only two wires, so it is very simple to place wires. In addition the path and style to place the wire are free, without precedence order. In such event, it increases reliability, is easy to install and maintain wire, and reduces the cost of construction projects.
2.  The system adopts LCD monitor with Chinese/English interface, of which all is displayed in Chinese characters. All manipulations are hinted by the menu, and the fire alarm address can be displayed in16 Chinese characters or 32 characters with the special software named SELECT which is researched and developed by the company. The fault or alarm from the specific devices and sites is displayed. The displayed content is clear, easy and simple, achieves a good man-machine communication interface.
3.  All connected local devices have embedded microprocessors. Point type photoelectric smoke detectors and point type heat detectors monitor the changes in local parameters in real time, and the collected local parameters are analyzed and judged through microprocessors, thus, significantly decrease the quantity of data transmission between the detectors and the control unit, and improve the reliability of the fire alarm system.
4.  Built-in black box function. Control unit has large capacity of memory that is able to record fire records for the convenience of clients. All alarm information can be stored in memory such as turning on and turning off control unit, fire alarm, and faults, etc. It is easy to query or check information after accident occurs, and the information in history records can be printed out according to time, type, etc.
5.  Strong anti-jamming capability. The control unit provides good anti-jamming method for both hardware and software; control unit runs stably as in normal condition under strong electromagnetic disturbance condition.
6.  Master-slave network mode. A maximum of 99 control units can be connected to form a network at the same time.
7.  Huge system capability. The control unit has various types, each type of the control unit has different loops, and each loop has a full load of 200 points. The max load of a control unit is 3200.
8.  Local automatic logical programming technology. Any local logical programming can be performed in the field of the control unit, and it is easy and convenient.
9.  Automatic control of cross-control-unit can be realized by network with more flexible system and more reasonable structure.
10.  Has a powerful self-contained capability. Can connect with extinguishing control unit, fire door system, electrical fire system, graph indicator in fire control center and many else.

Technical Data
Wiring System: double-wire bus, non-polarity;
Parts Capability: 200 points of full load per loop (mixed detector parts and automatic control parts), 15 fire display panels;
Inspection Period: 3s;
Environment Temperature: -10℃~+50℃;
Environment Humidity: ≤ 92 ± 3% (40 ± 2℃)
Power Supply: AC220V (+10%, -15%), 50 Hz ± 1%;
External Dimension: Wall mounting type 750 mm (length) × 535 mm (width) × 140 mm (thickness)

The design, manufacturing and verification of this fire alarm control unit (automatic type) conform to the following national standards:
GB4717-2005 Fire Alarm Control Unit
GB16806-2006 Automatic control system for fire protection