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Combustible Gas Detector
JTQ-JBF5101CO combustible gas detector is used in combustible gas detection system with combustible gas control panel from Jade Bird Fire.The application design follows the national standard GB 15322.4-2003 “combustible gas detectors - part 4: point type detectors for combustible man-made gas”. JTQ-JBF5101CO issuitable for gas leakage detection in plant, warehouse, machine room and other places.
Product Features

•  Built-in microprocessor, stable performance.
•  SMT process, good reliability and consistency.
•  Imported electrochemical gas sensor of high quality.
•  Low sensitivity to temperature and humidity.
•  Electronic encoding, writing addresses with dedicated electronic encoder. Maximum communication distance:1000m.

Technical Data
ItemTechnical parameters
Loop voltage15~28V
Monitoring current≤2mA
Alarm current≤3mA
Object monitoredCarbon monoxide
Alarm threshold80×10^-6(Volume fraction)
Response time≤30s
indicators1 red indicator: steady-on lighting when alarms;
1 indicator of 2 colors: flashes in green light when monitors; steady-on in yellow light when faults.
WiringSignal lines: L1 & L2, polarity-free;
Addressing methodElectrical encoding
Equipment connectedJB-TB-JBF-51S40-4combustible gas control panel
JB-TB-JBF-51S40-8combustible gas control panel
JB-TT-JBF-51S40combustible gas control panel
JB-TG-JBF-51S40combustible gas control panel
JB-QB-JBF-51S40combustible gas control panel
Communication distanceMaximum: 1000m(2.5mm2)
Working temperature0~+55℃
Storage temperature-25±2℃~+55℃±2℃
Relative humidity≤95%RH
Applied standardGB 15322.4-2003 “combustible gas detectors - part 4: point type detectors for combustible man-made gas”
Sensor lifespan5 years
Structure and Dimensions

JTQ-JBF5101CO the series detectors are installed in two ways, folded installation and rail installation:
•  Infolded installation: first remove the retention clips on both sides of the detector, mount the detector to the cabinet door, and then reinstall the retention clip to both sides of the detector to ensure that the detector is securely mounted on the cabinet door. Finally, wire the sensor signal loop, communication line, power cord and others to the detector.
•  In rail installation: first connect the sensor signal loop, communication line, and power cord to the detector, and then install the detector to the 35mm standard rail. 


L1 and L2 connect to the loop of combustible gas control panel. 


•  The detector must be used with control panel.
•  The detector may be damaged by fall or shock.The detector cannot be immersed in water.
•  Detectors should not be installed in places with high temperature, dense fumes (e.g. exhausted fumes) or strong air flow.
•  Avoid the presence of corrosive and explosive gas.
•  When the detector fault light is lit and accompanied by buzzer sound, please replace the detector in time to avoid affecting the detection of combustible gas (carbon monoxide) in the area.