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Manual Call Point
The manual call point and JB series detectors are used together in the two-bus fire alarm system with the Jade Bird series control panels. Meet the requirements of GB50116 “Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System”. It is suitable for industrial and civil sites where flammable or explosive gases exists. Explosion-proof marks: EXibⅡCT6Gb, inspected and certified by National Test Center for Explosion Protected Product. It is suitable for zone 1 and 2 containing II A-II C, and sites that contain T1-T6 explosive gas mixture.

Product Features
•   Built-in microprocessor, performance is stable.
•   Adopt SMT process, high reliability, good consistency.
•   Two-bus system without polarity requirements, and the communication distance is up to the 1000m at a very low power consumption.
•   Explosion proof is intrinsic safe type and requires use of safety barrier.
•   Electronic addressing with specialized device.
•   Simple operation. Press the operating panel by hand to report fire alarm to the control panel.
•   After operating panel is pressed, the manual call point can only be reset using the key accompanied.
•   The manual call point features a new buckle structure and a thin design, easy to install and maintain.

Technical Data
Working voltageDC 19-28V    provided by control panel, modulation type (must through safety barrier)
Monitoring current≤0.3mA (24V)
Alarm current≤1mA (24V)
Explosion proof markEx ib IIC T6 Gb
Contacts capacityDC30V/0.1A
Addressing methodElectronic addressing
Address range1-200
Operating temperature-10—+55℃
Storage temperature-30—+75℃
Relative Humidity≤95%RH (40±2℃)
IndicatorsFlashes in monitoring state, constant on (red light) when in alarm state.
Dimensions90mm × 90mm × 52mm (L × W × H)
WiresTwo-wire bus, non-polarity

Structure and Dimensions
1) Write address (1-200) to the manual call point using electronic encoder.
2) Bus L1 and L2 connect terminals 1 and 2, and polarity is reversible.
3) After checking the wiring, insert the manual call point to its base and use tapping screws (ST2.9*8) to secure them together. 

Installation shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB 3836.15-2010 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 15: Electrical installations in hazardous areas (other than mines) and by our company's professionals.
The safety barrier shall obtain an explosion-proof certificate and its installation shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of its instructions.


The intrinsic safety system parameter matching must follow the following principles:
Uo ≤ Ui;Io ≤ Ii;Po ≤ Pi;Cc ≤ Co-Ci;Lc ≤ Lo-Li
Cc, Lc: The maximum allowed cable (or wire) distribution capacitance and inductor between the safety barrier and the MPC. Uo: maximum output voltage of the safety barrier. Io: maximum output current of safety barrier. Po: maximum output power of safety barrier. Lo: maximum external inductor allowed by safety barrier. Co: maximum external capacitor allowed by the safety barrier. Ui: maximum input voltage of the MPC. Ii: maximum input current for the MPC r. Pi: maximum input power of the MPC. Li: maximum internal inductor of the MPC. Ci: maximum internal capacitance of the MPC.
The detailed meaning of the symbol can be found in GB 3836.4-2010 standard.

Conduct alarm test regularly, recommended every six months.
Product implementation standard: GB 19880-2005 “Manual Call Point”.
GB 3836.4-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: Equipment-General requirements
GB 3836.4-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 4: Intrinsic safety protective equipment “1”