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Product Features
•  According to the relevant requirements in GB 50116-2013 “code for design of automatic fire alarm system”, the short-circuit isolator is connected to the loop. The total number of fire equipment protected by each short-circuit isolator, such as fire detector, MCP and module should not exceed 32.
•  The short-circuit isolator adopts two forms of short-circuit protection: ring type (Class A wiring)or tree branch type (Class B wiring). It is recommended to adopt ring type protection. When short-circuit occurs at a certain point in the loop, the isolators on both sides of the short-circuit point activate, isolating the short circuit part, but not affecting the normal operation of other devices in the loop
•  After the short circuit condition is cleared, the isolator resets itself automatically.
•  Plug-in structure, easy construction and maintenance.
Technical Data
Working voltageDC 16-30V
Working temperature-10…+40℃
Storage temperature-20…+50℃
Relative humidity≤95%(40±2℃)
Alarm current≥200mA(24V)
Structure and installation dimensions
The isolator adopts unfolded installation.

Figure 1 appearance and dimensions
Input Terminals: 23, 45
Output Terminals: 78, 910
Figure 2 terminals
JBF4171 short-circuit isolator ring type (Class A) wiring:

JBF4171 short-circuit isolator tree branch type (Class B) wiring: