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Standalone Smoke Alarm

This product is mainly used to detect fire that produce soot particles in its early stages of combustion. It’s suitable for installation in residential area, historical sites, small shopping malls, dance halls and similar places. The best installation location is the ceiling center. The product should not be installed in kitchen, bathroom or any dusty/misty places, and should avoid being adjacent to fireplace, vents, etc. In addition, try to install it away from neon lights, energy-saving lamps and other lighting equipment (safe distance should be bigger than 50cm).

Product Features
•  Scattered light principle, battery power, independent installation.
•  Accurate smoke monitoring and intelligent analysis of maze signals ensure its excellent fire detection and alarm performance.
•  High performance maze prevents false alarms.
•  Precise adjustment of detector characteristics, timely and reliable detection of fire smoke.
•  With full electronic automatic detection function.
•  Alarm sound: greater than 80dB.

Technical Data
1) Power supply: DC3V
2) Indicator: red (alarm)
3) Battery life: 3-5 years (may be shortened due to service conditions and network environment)
4) Alarm Volume: >80dB (A)/3m
5) Dimensions: diameter 100mm, height 59mm
6) Weight: 126g (battery not included )

7) Max wind speed: 5m/s
8) Operating temperature: --10—+55℃
9) Relative Humidity: ≤95%RH (40±2℃)
10) Applied standard: GB 20517-2006

1) Dimensions of the alarm, as shown in figures 1 and 2 (unit: mm)
                                                            Figure 1 Dimensions                 Figure 2 Base
2) Installation diagram (as shown in figure 3)
                                                         Figure 3 Installation                       Figure 4 Bolts
3) Double-side tape position
                                                                  Figure 5 Tape pasting position     Figure 6 Double-side tape
4) Installation steps
a) When installing with bolts, the base is mounted to the roof with bolts, and the indicator facing an easy-to-observe direction (e.g. doorway).
b) When installing with double-sided adhesive, clean the place that to use adhesive, making it smooth, dry and clean. Press the base to this cleaned place using the double-sided adhesive provided in the package for 1 minute (indicator facing an easy-to-observe direction, e.g. the door).
c) Place the battery in the battery compartment according to the positive and negative poles, and then start the detector self-test.

•  Regular alarm inspection, at least every 6 months.
•  If not used for a long time, the detector should be stored in a box with battery removed.