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Direct Control Panel
•  JBF-11SF-CD8B direct control panel is designed to start/stop the field fire hydrant pump, spray pump, smoke fan and other fire protection equipment.
•  One JBF-11SF-CD8B direct control panel occupies 2U space in cabinet structure
•  JBF-11SF-CD8B direct control panel has 8 sets ofoutput; each set contains a start-up output channel, a stop output channel, and an activation feedback channel.
•  There is a switching lock to enable or disable "automatic mode" / "manual mode" for all outputs.
•  The field equipment connected to the direct control panelcan be automatically controlled by pre-setting the logic programming.
•  When the controlled equipment does not receive an feedback signal within 10 seconds of starting, the indicator lights indicating "Missed Feedback"
•  Up to 20 JBF-11SF-CD8B direct control panels can be connected in the system.
•  The output signal of the direct control panel is controlled by the JBF5155 input/output module, while the line status between the direct control panel and the JBF5155 input/output module can be monitored by the control panel.
•  The direct control panel can give out either a pulse output or a continuous output, which can be set on the display panel.
Technical Data
Item Technical parameters
Working voltageDC 24~28V
OutputDC 24V/80mA
Capacity8sets of outputs
Working temperature-10…+50℃
Storage temperature-20…+50℃
Relatively humidity≤ 95% RH (no condensation nor icing)
Outside dimensions482.6mm×88.6mm standard 2U
WiringDistinguishing polarity.
Structure and Dimensions
Cabinet installation, take up 2U panel space
Structure and mounting size diagram:

Direct controlpanel terminal diagram:

1SL-/1SL to 8SL-/8SL: connect to 1-8 JBF5155 input/output modules, to start and stop of control fire hydrant pump, spray pump, smoke fan and other fire safety equipment.