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Manual Call Point
The manual call point is connected to the two-wire fire alarm system with the JB 11SF series control panel. The device has 1 set of passive contacts that activate alarm appliances like sounder beacons in the field. The application design follows the national standard GB 50116 "Code for design of automatic fire alarm system".

Product Features
•  Built-in MCU, stable performance.

​•  SMT process, high reliability, good consistency.
​•  Two-wire polarity-free system, low power consumption and a transmission distance of 1500m.
​•  Electronic encoding, addressing devices with a dedicated electronic encoder.
​•  Simple operation, press the operator panel to send an alarm message to the control panel.
​•  Reset the manual call point with the special key.
​•  Aluminum alloy housing, dust-resistive and waterproof. Protection rate is IP66.
​•  Explosion-proof performance conforms to GB3836.1-2010"Explosive atmospheres - Part 1: Equipment general requirements"GB 3836.2-2010"Explosive atmospheres - Part2: Equipment protection by flame proof enclosures'd'".
​•  Explosion proof mark Exd IIC T6 Gb,suitable for petroleum, chemical related area with explosion proof requirements (Zone I and Zone II that contain IIA,IIB,IIC, and T1 to T6 site with explosive gas mixture).
​•  The on-site installation follows standard GB/T 3836.15-2017 requirements to use environment-appropriate cable introduction with explosion proof certification. 

Technical data

Explosion-proof markExd IIC T6 Gb
IP rateIP66
Working voltageDC24V(DC18V~DC28V)
Monitoring current≤0.3mA(24V)
Alarm current≤1mA(24V)
Contact capacityDC30V/0.1A
Addressing methodElectrical encoder
Addressing range1-200
WiringSignal line L1,L2, polarity-free
Applied placesSuitable for petroleum, chemical related area with explosion-proof requirements (Zone I and Zone II)
Applied standardGB 19880-2005,GB 3836.1-2010,GB 3836.2-2010
Electrical interface2-M20
Working temperature-20~+60℃
Relative humidity≤93%(40±2℃)

Structure and Installation

Note: Explosion-proof cable introduction needs to be purchased by users, and its explosion-proof rating must meet IIC:
Cable introduction: JBF-CGP-M20 (explosion-proof rating: Exd IIC)
Block off plug: JBF-Hp-M20 (optional accessory)
​•  The corresponding address code (1-200) must be written to it by an encoder before installation.
​•  Connect terminals L1 and L2 (polarity-free) to the loop.
​•  After wiring construction, fix the manual call point to its installation position.
​•  The installation should be carried out before the system commissioning and after the wiring inspection to avoid loss caused by improper installation work. 

​•  The internal and external grounding must be reliable.
​•  Do not replace any components or adjust the structure of the manual call point, which will affect explosion-proof performance.
​•  When repairing and maintaining, pay attention to protect the explosion-proof surface. Make sure the surface not damaged or rusted.
​•  Do not open the housing when the device is powered on.
​•  Non-professionals are not allowed to install or uninstall the product.
​•  Conduct alarm test regularly. Recommended cycle is six months.