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Combustible Gas Alarm Panel

JB-TB-JBF-51S40-8 combustible gas alarm panel connecting combustible gas detector from Jade Bird Fire monitors the concentration of combustible gas in the environment. When the concentration exceeds the set alarm value, the panel sends out the alarm signal and gives an output.The panel is suitable for residential areas, hotels, office buildings and high-rise residences.

Product Features

•  Combustible gas concentration display and alarm control.
•  Intelligent detection,fast, accurate and reliable alarm, using twice confirmation alarm algorithm.
•  7-inches real color 800 x 480 LCD screen, providing graphic display.
•  Overcurrent, overvoltage monitoring and automatic protection functions.
•  Chinese address description: the device on the loop can be added Chinese description to state its location.
•  Two sets of output of passive relay contacts. Outputs when panel alarms.
•  Event recording function.
•  Capacity:8 loops, 200 points per loop.
•  Serial port, connecting other equipment by CAN communication. 

Technical Data

ItemTechnical Parameters
Applied standardGB 16808-2008
Main powerAC220V(187V~242V)46Hz~63Hz
Backup power2sets of DC12V/7Ah Lead-acid sealed battery
Power consumption≤24W without loading
Working environment0℃~40℃,≤93%RH
LoopPolarity free
Communication distance≤1500m
Capacity8 loops, 200 points each loop
Output relays2A/DC30V,1A/AC125V
DimensionsWall-mounted (LxWxH):440mm x129mm x540mm

Structure and Dimensions
The image above is the bottom of the alarm panel,with A,B,C,and D as mounting holes.
Choose reasonable installation height. The wall must be solid and flat.
According to the illustrated size, install the alarm panel on wall.

•  The alarm panel should be installed outside the explosion-proof area.
•  The panel should be safely mounted on the wall. When installed onlight weight wall, reinforcement measures should be taken to avoid vibration and prevent dust and water entering.
•  The panel should adopt a relatively stable power supply, and avoid using the same power supply with large equipment.
•  The housing of the alarm panel should be well grounded;
•  It is strictly forbidden to damage the housing. Otherwise the grounding will be affected.
•  When installing and constructing, the bottom margin of the panel should be 1.3-1.5m high, the distance from the side to the near door should not be less than 0.1m, and the operating surface should have an operating distance of at least 0.5m.


220V power cable

Follow the terminal identification to connect the power cable. Before wiring confirm that the relevant power supply has been cut off. Pay attention to the fire line, zero line, and ground line. The specific operation steps are as following:

1.   Remove the plastic cover of the terminals;

2.   Connect the power cable according to the mark;

3.   Put on the plastic cover of the terminals;

4.   Tie up the cable to secure them.

Warning: Failure to properly ground the cable may result in electric shock.

Signal line

Plug the loop onto the terminals of the circuit board. The connection should be reliable and not short-circuited. The signal line should use the twisted pair cable with cross section of no less than 1.5mm2 to ensure reliable transmission of the bus signal.