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Two-wire, non-polar, maximum communication distance 1500m, Alarm by receiving passive on/off switch signal, fully compatible with all models of Jade Bird Fire control panels.
Input Module
Product Features
•  SMT processing, embedded Crested Ibis chip.
•  Electrical isolation between signal processing circuit and input checking circuit.
•  Monitors status of volt-free open signals and off signals.
•  With state monitoring and fault detection functions.
•  Plug in structure, easy to install and maintain.
•  Two-wire polarity-free loop, low power consumption.
•  A communication distance of 1500m.

Technical Data
ItemsTechnical Parameters
Working voltageDC18V-27Vmodulation type provided by the control panel
WiringSignal line: L1, L2
Working temperature-10~+50℃
Storage temperature-20~+55℃
Relative humidity≤95%(40±2℃)
Monitoring current≤0.25mA(24V)
Alarm current≤1mA(24V)
RF susceptibility (immunity)30V/M
IndicatorInput indicator flashes when in normal monitoring; steady on when it is activated; off when there is a fault.
Addressing methodElectrical encoder
Address range1-200
Communication distance1500m
Applied standardGB 16806-2006 “Automatic Control System for Fire Protection”
Structure and Installation
1) For unfolded installation, fix the base to the wall using embedded box or expansion bolts. The pitch of holes is 60mm.
2) Use a dedicated electronic encoder to set its address (1-200).
3) Adopt ZR-RVS-2×1.5mmtwisted pair cable, and the two-wire bus of the loop (L1, L2) connect to terminals 4 and 5 regardless of polarity.
4) Check the wiring first. Mount the module on the base after that to prevent product damage from possible false wiring.

Structure and installation diagram:
•  Terminals L1 (4) and L2 (5) connect to the loop, regardless of polarity.
•  Terminals AS+ (9) and AS- (10) connect to the volt-free feedback terminals with a 10KΩ EOLR in parallel connection if the equipment gives closed circuit feedback (feedback is given when the circuit closes).
•  Terminals AS+ (9) and AS- (10) connect to the volt-free feedback terminals with a 10KΩ EOLR in serial connection if the equipment gives open circuit feedback (feedback is given when the circuit opens).