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Fire Door Monitor
Product Features
•  Fire door monitor and control function: real-time monitor of the normally open and normally closed fire doors, manual and automatic closing of fire doors, display and upload fire door status.
•  Networking function: the monitor can be seamlessly connected with our fire alarm control panel, the monitor can also set up a network and set master-slave mode. The host can display and control all panels, including cross-panel information display, cross-panel start-up etc. Can communicate with the graphic display device of the fire control room and receive the alarm instruction of the fire alarm control panel.
•  Fire receiving function: after the monitor is connected to the fire alarm control panel, the fire alarm information from the fire alarm control panel can be selectively received in real time after settings, so as to realize the automatic control of the relevant fire door.
•  Fault warning function: if problem occurs in the various functional boards or power supply of the monitor, or modules connecting the panel, the monitor will report fault at once. When the fire door is in an abnormal state, the monitor will also immediately report fault, such as the abnormal open state of the normally closed fire doors, the abnormally closed state of normally open fire doors, etc.
•  Disable function: if there is a damage to the fire door during the operation of the system, the fire door can be disabled before it gets repaired. The fire door will not be controlled when it is disabled, and information about the door will be displayed on the monitor screen. The disable indicator on the panel illuminates when there is disabled part in the system.
•  Query function: users can query relevant information on the menu, query the relevant information, including: fire door information, type and status of online interface modules, module and fire door correspondence, fire alarm receiving address segment, fire door and interface correspondence.
•  Information storage function: the monitor has the function of real-time storage of historical information, the maximum storage capacity is about 100,000 pieces. Monitor power on, shutdown, reset, fire alarm, faults of all kinds, fire door activation and other historical information can bechecked.
•  Access management function: the monitor has secondary password management to ensure that the monitor will not be mishandled.
•  Power management function: the monitor uses a fire power supply with dual output function, which provides power to monitor, input/output interface module in the field, electric door closer, electromagnetic releaser and other devices.
•  Relay function: the monitor is equipped with 2 sets of relay output contacts to send out fault and fire signals respectively.
•  Self-test function: with self-test function.
JBF-61S20-G monitors include: display control panel, loop board, bus control panel, power supply, batteries, etc.
The loop executes the latest 61S bus communication protocol; the single loop capacity reaches 252 address points; the loop board receives state signal of the power supply. The power supply fault and other states are detected by the power supply itself.
Bus control panel has 90 direct start keys, each key with 2 indicators: status indicator (red) and fault indicator (yellow). One key can correspond to up to 8 fire doors; one-click manually start one fire door or one-click manually start multiple fire doors together. When the corresponding fire doors are at open state, the status indicator lights red; when all the fire doors corresponding to a key are closed, the status indicator is off. When some of the fire doors corresponding to a key are open and some are closed, the status indicator flashes. If the fire door corresponding to a key cancels its relation to the interface, the monitor will consider the door closing and status indicator off. Under the condition that the key corresponds to fire door, the fault indicator on the bus control panel will be on when the fire door abnormally closed or open or when the interface fails.
Technical data

Applied standardGB29364-2012 “Indicating and control unit for fire resistant doorsets”
Panel capacity16×252
System capacitySupport network of maximum 99 monitors, the total capacity of the system:  99 x 16 x 252 addresses;
Maximum bus control panel number6
Number of manual keys6×90
Display7-inch real color LCD display, Chinese menu, real-time display of system information, door events, faults, disable and fire alarm information;
StorageMaximum: 100000 pieces
Access managementSecondary password management
External portRJ45、CAN、USB、RS232
Relay2 sets of relay output of fault and fire
Main powerSystem power capacity 24V/10A, auxiliary power supply (for automatic control) capacity of 24V/10A
Backup power2sets of 12V/24Ah
Power consumption80W
Working environment0℃~+40℃
Housing dimensions550mm×480mm×1770mm
Structure and Dimensions