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The Transmission Device JBF-TD802 used to connect with fire alarm control panel or other alarm equipment for data transmission. It's applied to computer rooms, libraries and other small to large places that need remote fire monitoring.
User Information Transmission Device

Product Features
•  Reserved RS232 serial port to connect fire alarm control panel.  
​•  Reserved TCP/IP port for communicate to fire monitoring center. Applicable to LAN and wide area network.
​•  With Monochrome LCD displays 16 Chinese characters or 32 digits of alarm address notes.
​•  With Extra-large storage space; can save histories up to 100,000 pieces; can record all kinds of operation events.
​•  This Transmission Device adopts small-size housing for wall-mounted installation. Cable routing is from top of the device; it's easy for commissioning.
​•  Good anti-interference ability via Hardware and software protection.
​•  Good compatibility to connect with JB fire alarm control panels with the national standard. 

Technical Data

ItemTechnical parameters
Main powerAC187~242V, 50Hz
Backup powerDC12V, 4Ah
Input capacity2 sets of voltage-free input with test functions (must connect 0.25W 5% 10K resistor as EOL)
Output capacity2 sets of DC12V 200mA voltage output (dedicated for drive relay of DC12V, the internal resistance 200Ω-2KΩ)
1 set of DC12V 200mA (dedicated for internal module of DC12V)
1 set of DC5V 1A (dedicated for internal module of DC5V)
Operating temperature-10…+50℃
WiringRS232 (3-core) length≤15m; TCP/IP (standard net cable)
Connected equipmentFire alarm control panel (automatic):
Fire alarm control panel:
Applied standardGB 26875.1-2011
Structure and Dimensions
Installation should comply with relevant local standards and follow the installation dimension.
1) Install 4 expansion bolts and 2 screws on the wall according to the installation size map. (The screws and the wall should leave a bit space between them.)
2) After let in the cable, install the user information transmission device on the wall by screws.
3) Open the cabinet door, tighten the 4 screws and secure the user information transmission device to the wall.
4) Take the cable to the terminal with reference to the wiring instructions.

•  The resistance between each signal line and the earth should be greater than 3 mΩ.
•  System grounding should use insulated copper core wire of 4.0mm2, and the ground resistance is less than 4 ohms.
•  Distance from the bottom side of the user information transmission device to the ground should be between 1.2m to 1.5m.
•  Front operating distance should not be less than 1.2m.

+12V, G-12Drive output, provide power to internal module, distinguishing polarity;
DC+5V,G-5Drive output, provide power to internal module, distinguishing polarity;
R1_+12V, R1_GNDVoltage output 1, for driving relay(DC12V, internal resistance:200-2KΩ)
R2_+12V, R2_GNDVoltage output 2, for driving relay(DC12V, internal resistance:200-2KΩ)
NCReserved terminal
INPUT1+, INPUT1-Input terminal 1, for external volt-free signal, connect to 10K, 1/4W 5% EOLR
INPUT2+, INPUT2-Input terminal 2, for external volt-free signal, connect to 10K, 1/4W 5% EOLR
TX1, RX1, SGNDConnect to fire alarm control panel via RS232 serial port: TX1:RS232send, RX1:RS232receive, SGND:RS232 grounding;
TX2, RX2, SGNDSystem debugging serial port

Net Port