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Protocol Control Panel
•  JBF-11SF-CK90B protocol control panel is designed for fire alarm control panels that in rack-mounted cabinet and piano-desk cabinet. Each JBF-11SF-CK90B occupies 4U space in cabinet structure.
•  Each rack-mounted control panel can carry 9 Pcs of JBF-11SF-CK90B protocol control panel. Each piano-desk control panel can carry 8 Pcs of JBF-11SF-CK90B protocol control panel.
•  The devices in the loop can be controlled directly by buttons on the protocol control panel, instead of using keyboard input on the fire alarm control panel. Each unit controls the start/stop of 90 bus devices.
•  One button of the JBF-11SF-CK90B protocol control panel can control multiple devices by automatic control programming.
Technical Data
Item Technical parameters
Working voltageDC24~28V
Capacity90 shortcut keys
Working temperature-10…+50℃
Storage temperature-20…+50℃
Relatively humidity≤ 95% RH (no condensation nor icing)
Outside dimensions482.6mm×177mm(Standard4U)

Structure and Dimensions
Cabinet installation, take up 4U panel space;
Compile corresponding definition of each button on the protocol panel by the settings menu of the control panel or the debugging software of Jade Bird Fire, no external output wiring.
Structure and mounting size diagram: