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Two-wire, non-polar, round or bar type transformer, with LCD screen and can check address and alarm value of the detector.
Residual Current Detector
The JBF6180 series residual current electrical fire monitoring detector is an integrated device with its own LCD display function. There are 2 types and 6 models. One type is a circular transformer, applied to residual current detection of cables. The specific model includes: JBF6180-100, JBF6180-315, and JBF6180-630. The other type is a rectangular transformer, applied residual current detection of copper bar. The specific model includes: JBF6180-315C type, JBF6180-630C type, and JBF6180-1000C.
Product Features

•  The detector itself comes with a liquid crystal display for viewing the detector address, the alarm settings, the real-time detected value and other information;
•  Low-power operation, power provided by the loop with a maximum transmission distance of 1500 meters;
•  Real-time transmission of current value, fault signal and other status signals to the electrical fire monitoring equipment;
•  The residual current transformer is through potting process and can withstand harsh environment;
•  Easy product tracking management thorough PSN reading. 

Technical Data

ItemTechnical parameters
Object monitoredResidual current
Monitoring rangeResidual current50~1000mA
WiringL1 & L2 for loop connection - polarity-free;
24V & G for DC24 input
Rated voltageDC24V
Usage environmentTemperature: -10~65℃
Humidity: 10~93%RH(no condensation)
Working current<0.1mA
Addressing methodwith encoder
Address range1-252
Applied standardElectrical fire monitoring system - part 2: residual current electrical fire monitoring detectors

Model Table

DETECTOR MODELALARM threshold RANGE (mA)Rated current(A)Dimensions(mm)Monitoring
JBF6180-315C200~100031510520838copper bar
JBF6180-630C200~100063014133238copper bar
JBF6180-1000C200~1000100018444050copper bar

There are terminals labeled L1, L2 on the detector. These two terminals are connected to the loop of electrical fire monitoring equipment.

Attention: do not connect the line with power.

The wire should use ZR-RVS-2x1.5mm2. The cable laying must be separated from the strong electrical cable.
When the communication cable is of shielded twisted pair, the shielding must be well grounded.
Note: In order to ensure the stability of the system, the loop prohibits the use of solid cable or non-twisted wires.