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Fire Alarm Control Panel

JBF5015 gas fire extinguishing control panel is designed specially for gas fire extinguishing system. The monitor supports Chinese/English LCD display. The panel consists of a main control unit, loop units, circuit boards, power supply units, etc. It connects emergency on/off button, auto/manual switch box, extinguishing indicator, sounder beacon, input/output module, etc. The control panel has electromagnetic valve drive interface for inactivating gas fire extinguishing equipment. It applys to places like data centre, library, computer room and so on.

Product Features
1. True Color LCD Monitor, Chinese/English Switchable Interface. Fire alarm addresses can be displayed in Chinese characters or alphabetic characters. Content displayed is clear and easy to read.
2. Effective Anti-Interference.Both hardware and software of the control panel have good anti-interference performance.
3. The control panel supports complying automatic control programme and annotation of equipment address with computer off line. And these are imported into the control panel by USB flash disk. It suits all kinds of automatic control design of the project.
4. Great capacity to form a complete fire safety system with other fire control panels and auxiliary equipment.
Technical Data
Applied Standard: GB 16806-2006;
System Capacity: 2 loops, 80 address each.
Maximum Activation Current: 2A
Primary Power:  AC187~242, 50Hz.
Secondary Power:  DC24V, 4Ah.
Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃.
Installation: Wall-mounted
Weight: 13KG

Structure and Dimensions
APPEARANCE(HxWxT): 540×410×130mm
PORE SIZE: 378×280mm,FIX PORE SIZE: φ5.5 mm


L1+,  L1-Non-polar signal lines, connect detectors, sounder beacons, modules,etc
IN1+, IN1-Input terminal 1, connecting signal input lines and 10K 1/4W resistance
IN2+, IN2-Input terminal 2, connecting signal input lines and 10K 1/4W resistance
FB+, FB-Suppression status signal, connecting10K 1/4W resistance
C+, C-Suppression activation,connecting suppression equipment(solenoid valve type)with resisitance, see diagram 1. Connecting electric squib(aerosols)suppression equipment with JBF5183 electric squib junction box, see diagram 2.
24V, G24V output, providing electricity for devices in the field
CANL, CANHExternal CAN cable forming network

Diagram 1 Suppression activation output (with solenoid valve equipment)

Notes: Matching load DC impedance of the solenoid valve ≥ 12 Ohm; conductor DC resistance ≤ 2 Ohm, needs connected with terminal components.

Diagram 2 Suppression activation output (with electric squib suppression equipment)
Notes: connect with electric squib suppression equipment and JBF5183 electric squib junction box.