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Two-wire, non-polar, no need for DC24V, according to the circuit voltage adapt to sound, light, sound and light operating modes.
Sounder Beacon
Product Features
•  SMT processing, embedded Crested Ibis chip.
•  Sound alarm mode, light alarm mode, sound and light alarm mode and other modes.
•  Automatic mode adapting based on the loop voltage.
•  Two-wire polarity-free loop, low power consumption.
•  A communication distance of 1500m.

Technical data
ItemsTechnical Parameters
Working voltageDC18V-27Vmodulation type provided by the control panel
WiringSignal line: L1, L2
Working temperature-10~+50℃
Storage temperature-20~+55℃
Relative humidity≤95%(40±2℃)
Alarm current≤5mA(24V)
Output capacityDC30V /2A
RF susceptibility (immunity)30V/M
Alarm volume70dB~95dB
Modulation cycle2.0s~4.0s
Flash frequency1.0Hz~1.5Hz
Addressing methodElectrical encoder
Address range1-200
Applied environmentIndoors and not in residential area
Communication distance1500m
Applied standardGB26851-2011 “Audible and/or visual alarm signaling appliances”
Structure and Installation
1) Fix the base onto the wall. The pitch of holes is 60mm.
2) Use a dedicated electronic encoder to set its address (1-200).
3) Signal lines use ZR-RVS-2×1.5mmtwisted pair cable. Terminal L1 and L2 connect to the cable.
4) Check the wiring first. Mount the sounder beacon on the base after that to prevent product damage from possible false wiring.

Structure and installation dimensions:

•  Secure the wiring to prevent loose contacts that may cause inactivation.
•  A single loop can connect to up to 30 sounder beacons.