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Two-wire, non-polar, connecting JBF5014 fire alarm and gaseous suppression control panel and JBF5015/JBF5016 gaseous suppression control panel, for auto/manual switch of the gaseous protection zones.
Auto/Manual Switch Box
The button is designed for gaseous fire suppression system, using two-wire polarity-free loop to send its on-site condition to the gaseous fire suppression control unit and display manual or automatic state the system is current in.

Technical Data
Rated VoltageDC(19-28)V
Used in Temp.-10℃~+50℃

1) Remove the set screw at Position A, and open the box. See Installation Drawing.
2) Wire the loop following the diagram.
3) Press the box cap back to its position and tighten the screw at A.

1) This product is an addressable on-site device, adopting non-polar two-wire loop. A suppression zone can connect one or more manual/auto switch box.
2) See wiring diagram for terminals layout. As L1 and L2 terminals marks directs, use RVS 1.5mm to connect the device to the loop.