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Applied to EN standard, JBE-AT1 coding. When front panel of the MCP is pressed down, MCP sends alarm signal to the control panel.


JBE-2100 is an addressable manual call point (MCP) designed to operate on a loop of intelligent fire detection devices. This MCP sends a fire alarm signal to the fire panels when the resettable element is pressed.
After activation, the MCP will remain in alarm until it is reset with the supplied reset key. There is no glass break element in the device, so the reset operation is conveniently done without the need to replace any element.
The JBE-2100 also features a pair of normally open clean contacts, which close at activation. These can be optionally used for a local action or to provide an activation signal to third party systems.

Technical data
CategoryEN 54-11 type A indoor MCP
Working voltageDC19-28V(JBE protocol pulse amplitude)
Connection2-wire JBE communication bus, no polarity
Wire size0.5 – 2.5 mm2
Quiescent current≤0.3mA @24V
Alarm current≤1.0mA @24V
Clean contact rating0.1A/30VDC
Working temp.-10℃~55℃
Storage temp.-30℃~75℃
Environment Humidity≤95%RH (no condensation nor icing)
Addressing methodAddressing tool JBE-AT1
Address range1-200
Red LED IndicationFlashingwhen polled.
Steady on when in alarm.
Dimensions (LxWxH)90×90×52mm
IP ratingIP40
Weight0.16kg(including base)
StandardsEN 54-11
Declaration of PerfDoP-0370-CPR-3803-1
Always observe local fire and electric installation regulations.
1.Secure the base to the wall (surface or flush mounted).
2.Connect the wiring to the base as per the following diagram.

3.Program an unused loop address (1 to 200) to the MCP head using the JBE-AT1 tool.
4.Insert the MCP face into its base and push firmly.
5.The head can be secured to the base by fitting an optional self-tapping screw (ST2.9x8) into its boss next to the reset keyhole.
6.Register the MCP into the fire panel's configuration.
7.Test each MCP and wiring integrity after installation.

Resetting an activated MCP
1.Open the tab in the bottom of the MCP face.
2.Insert the reset key.
3.Rotate key counterclockwise until the frangible element returns to its position.

Mechanical dimensions

Mechanical dimensions (all dimensions in mm) and connection diagram
1 & 2Signal loop L1, L2 (no polarity)
7 & 8(Optional) Normally open dry contact
switch max rating: 0.1 A -30 Vcc
3,4,5,6Not connected