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JB-QB-JBF5020DC home fire alarm control panel meets national standard GB 22370-2008 “Fire alarm and safety system for household” and is developed for residential fire safety need. Product appearance is beautiful, size small and easy to install. The panel supports both folded and unfolded installation. UI design is clear and friendly, the panel is suitable for installation at home. 
Home Fire Control Panel
Product Features
1) Friendly human-computer interaction
2.8-inch color LCD screen, flat graphic display, Chinese menu, simple and easy to understand.
2) Reliable and easy to use
Information query and configuration can be achieved by panel keypads operation.
3) Fire telephone auto-dial function
When a fire occurs, the controller can automatically dial the preset emergency contact phone numbers inturnto notify the fire in a timely manner and reduce the damage.
Note: To use this feature, insert a functional SIM card (support China Mobile and GSM of Unicom) at the specified port.
4) Wireless data transmission
5)The control panel has GPRS and Bluetooth functions.
6) APP Software
Support app debugging software, convenient set-up at the field.
Technical Data
1) Power switch
The control panel has a power switch, which is only used by professionals and technical personnel for system maintenance during debugging or when the system is not operating properly. It's prohibited to be used by non-professionals.
2) Supports two-wire bus connection of up to 50 wireless devices for monitoring and alarms. With 1 passive alarm input, 2 passive fire output, 1 CAN communication port, 1 network port.
3)The default address of red alarm button is 51, and the default passive alarm input address is 52.
4) Power consumption
Normal monitoring state power consumption is less than 3W, the maximum power consumption is less than 15W.
5) Power
The control panel is equipped with BYF-PC10X power supply, which can connect to up to 15 home fire alarm control panels.

Appearance and Installation
SIM card holder: insert the Micro-SIM card in the direction of the arrow shown below.
Power switch: Used when maintained by technicians.